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Properties of different types of tea

There are many varieties of tea in the world and as their species, are variables of variables are profits, ways to prepare and even colors. We cannot deny that body requests that Chinese drink that has many years of tradition and despite being a few leaves of color black the first to reach our continent, were so popular that in a very short time many had already more than different colors, as we mention it previously. Here we present different types of tea that exist and their respective properties.

Different types of tea:

Properties of different types of tea

White tea:

This type of tea is very unusual and is due to that the orchards are planted under the shade of the mountains. In this way avoiding the generation of chlorophyll. The main quality of white tea is that it has more antioxidants than any other type of tea, thanks to this this tea combat skin aging, in addition also helps to increase the concentration and finally supports the Elimination of fats. It is said that white tea was that most used the Emperor and his visits.

Blue tea:

When we talk about the blue tea we talk about halfway between green tea and black tea, because its flavor is similar to that of green tea, but without that feeling of pastoral grass on the palate. On the other hand, the similarity with the black tea lies in color. Blue tea is very beneficial to the immune system, since the drink it strengthens it; In addition to that, also helps reduce cholesterol levels, fights hypertension and finally contributes to the cleansing of the skin.

Yellow tea:

Yellow tea is given once collected all the leaves and left to ferment; well thus acquires its picturesque color. Yellow tea provides a large amount of folic acid and vitamins such as B, B1, B2 and the famous vitamin C; Yellow tea also helps to slow cell aging and in turn helps prevent vision problems. Despite its benefits, yellow tea tends to stain the teeth and therefore it is recommended to wash them every time you swallowed it.

Properties of different types of tea

Black tea:

Have you ever heard it? Your answer must be Yes, because if we talk about the black tea, we talk about the most famous tea in the West; It receives its name because without pouring it into the water already boiling its leaves are black. Along with black tea must tell this graduating in three categories, which are: Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling, the English say that the last category is of best quality. This type of tea is diuretic, stimulant almost like a cup of coffee and is also an antioxidant.

Green tea:

We now talk about green tea and color of this tea is that it is picked up when it still contains chlorophyll and is dried quickly; We must also say that green tea is the second most popular in the world. Green tea is a vessel dilator, also has diuretic properties and high amounts of fluoride (this helps preserve mental health).

Red tea:

The value of red tea varies according to the time which has been processed and its color is due to that it is dry on copper pots. Red tea has a great virtue and that is its ability to increase metabolism, which helps you lose weight quickly, also helps to detoxify the body and raise self-esteem or the mood; Despite its great benefits red tea should not be used by pregnant women, children and persons with very exhausted medical treatments thanks its effects on chemical reactions in the cells.

Properties of different types of tea

Tea Rooibo:

This tea is extracted from the rooibos Bush; Here comes the funny part and that rooibos is not really a tea as such, but is so named due to its resemblance to the leaves of tea; This appears in the classification as a tea because traded you as such. The rooibos is very beneficial with respect to health, since it contains less caffeine than their similar and this contributes to the relaxation of the nervous system.
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