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Learn how to maintain your ideal weight when you have reached the

Dieting and reach the ideal weight can be a process that takes many years and effort, therefore, learn to keep is vital for success is complete. Follow this guide and achieved results are permanent.

Learn how to maintain your ideal weight when you have reached the

1- Why is it so difficult to maintain ideal weight?

This answer is not simple, since it encompasses emotional, physical, and social aspects. Some of them are under our control, while others are more complicated. In the case of the emotional aspects, it may be that we have an image of us so deeply rooted that not we realize really change that we have achieved.
On the physical side, food and exercise are two key factors. We must stay aware of the changes that we have achieved in these aspects and stand firm. Finally, the social aspects are very varied and are not always controllable. For this reason, it is important that we are aware of the changes and attitudes that help us to maintain our ideal weight.

2- Exercise is crucial to maintain your ideal weight:

There are several options to reach our ideal weight, but all have as main element to the exercise. Physical activity allows you to accelerate your metabolism and nutrients we consume are used correctly, which decreases the chances that they will become fat. He is recommended at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and stretching exercises at least twice a week. To improve performance, you can choose to perform 30 minutes of exercise twice a day, so your metabolism stays working and avoiding the accumulation of weight.

3- It carries a diary of meals:

Another key to reach your ideal weight, and stay on it, is to really know what you're eating. In this way you gain more control and you can determine what are the habits that you can cause more damage. You should just write in one notebook everything you eat, so can analyze your eating habits and its causes.

Learn how to maintain your ideal weight when you have reached the

4- Weigh yourself but without exaggeration:

It is common that during the process of weight loss we face on the scale each time and to reach our ideal weight let this measure. However, once you get to your desired weight you should not let the scale fully on side. You can reduce the number of times that you weigh, but not stop doing it. With this you make sure keep track of any changes that you may have and take proper precautions if soon notes that you are recovering the lost weight.

5- Don't forget breakfast:

We know that breakfast has a key role in the search for our ideal weight and keeping us in it, however, sometimes ignore it believing that nothing will affect us not to take it. Unfortunately, this idea is wrong and if we decided to avoid the breakfast we could regain the kilos lost in a very short time. We must also remember that breakfast should be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

6- Keep you motivated:

If you did you reach your ideal weight, surely it was because you had a reason well raised and well secured. But once you get to your goal, it is important that don't establish new reasons to go on like this. Any type of prize is good, just try it is not eaten. It can be from buying new clothes, go to a concert or a new gadget, the important thing is that there is something to keep you excited and motivated to stay at your ideal weight.

Learn how to maintain your ideal weight when you have reached the

7- Not be alone:

Another key to keep you at your ideal weight element is to surround yourself with people who are equal of inspired and motivated than you. This will help you stay firm, hear their stories and get inspired, exchange tips and encourage each other to follow a good diet and sports habits. You can take advantage of to meet new people and expand your circle of friends or to spend more time with those friends that you almost don't see, while you work in your ideal weight.
To maintain your ideal weight, it is necessary to adopt new habits permanently.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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