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How to lessen or remove stains on the face

Nature has given us a wide variety of products, which we can use in a different way. In this case we will talk about those elements that serve to clarify stains of the face using homemade recipes, which were used for many years, but with the passage of time they were replaced by more elaborate products and brand, however, they continued to have as a basis the same natural ingredients.
A little known natural recipes that can clear up your face in an effective way, please note that as well as where they buy in the market, the change will notice between one month of use at four months, so it should be very judicious with treatment if you want good results.

How to lessen or remove stains on the face

1- Yogurt:

Yogurt helps to fade skin spots, this applies a little bit about the stain or make a mask on the face. Apply every night and leave for half an hour.
You can also mix three tablespoons of yogurt with two drops of honey, well washed you face and applied as a mask. Leave it for half an hour and remove with cold water.

2- Olive oil:

Soak a cotton ball in olive oil and apply it on the stained area.

3- Tomato:

Crushed tomato half and apply it on the face with a cotton ball. Leave to act for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water. The tomato has vitamin A which helps to rejuvenate the skin.

4- Lemon:

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar and a tablespoon of water. With small pieces of cotton soaked in the liquid and rub it on the stain.

5- Aloe Vera:

Extract of Aloe Vera gel and apply it for 20 minutes every day. Aloe Vera is suitable for rinsing stains and reduce scars marks.

6- Powdered milk:

This mixture is special for whitening the skin, pour two tablespoons of powdered milk in a bowl, add 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in vol. 20, and two drops of Glycerin. Stir and apply once a day.

How to lessen or remove stains on the face

7- Chamomile:

Make an infusion with water and Chamomile, soak a small cotton in infusion and rub it on your face. Do this when the infusion is cold.

8- Potato:

The raw potato is recommended to remove the stains from the skin. Cut a potato into slices and put it on the stain area.

9- Honey:

Honey is recommended to moisten the skin, helps eliminate spots and gives the skin a beautiful and natural color. Honey applied all over the face as a mask, leave to act for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.

10- Orange:

Thanks to its high content in vitamin C, Orange benefits the skin and removes stains. Leave a shell big orange in the Sun, grind it when it is completely dry. Mix two tablespoons of this powder with two spoons of milk and 5 drops of Glycerin into a container. It is a cream, applied as a mask every day in the evenings after cleaning your face very well.

11- Oats:

Oats is a perfect ingredient to exfoliate the skin and take care of the body. With half a cup of ground oatmeal, adds this to half a cup of lemon juice and mix until a paste. Make a mask with it and leave it for 20 minutes, wash it with warm water.

12- Rice:

Clean your face well, pour in a bowl ¾ of organic rice, cover water that is about 2 cm above the rice, dip a cotton ball in the water and pass through skin and neck.

How to lessen or remove stains on the face

13- Vitamin C:

Apply a serum vitamin C on your face, this vitamin helps to lighten and fade spots on the face.


Now, it is also important to know how to care for your face to avoid these pesky stains
Avoid long exposure to the Sun
Care on a daily basis you skin with sunscreen or sunscreen
You can avoid the impact of the Sun on your face with a CAP, umbrella or hat
Don't forget that you must be very persistent and constant with these recipes if you want to get perfect results. We hope that you have enjoyed and that you try to make some of them to remove spots from your face.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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