Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to keep the liver and kidneys healthy naturally

The kidneys and liver are vital in our body functions, since they are responsible for filtration, absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste and contribute to digestion. Having these fully healthy organs is synonymous with that our body has the ability to take advantage of the nutrients and benefits from the food we eat, avoiding to develop different types of diseases and giving us a great quality of life. However, when we take an unhealthy diet with fatty, rich in sodium, processed foods and other compounds, these two vital organs function deteriorates, causing that there is an accumulation of toxins and debris that will bring I get other health problems.
Fortunately, both the liver and kidneys have a rapid and positive response to natural cleaning treatments, allowing you to promote the Elimination of toxins and waste, so that they work properly. Would you like to know how to keep your liver and your kidneys healthy?

How to keep the liver and kidneys healthy naturally

1- It limits the consumption of high-quality protein:

Protein intake is necessary for a correct functioning of the organs of our body, as well as to repair damaged tissues. However, when the liver and renal function is compromised, it is important to bear in mind that excessive consumption of high-quality protein exerts pressure on these two organs, so it should be consumed only in the recommended portions. This type of proteins are present in foods such as meat, chicken, fish and eggs. Foods such as vegetables and cereals has low-quality protein, but both types of proteins are required for the correct functioning of the liver and kidneys. In this case it is advisable to consult with a nutritionist so he determined the amount of protein needed daily to have these two healthy organs.

2- Avoid falling into the overweight and obesity:

Weight plays a very important role in the health of the liver and kidneys, since people with overweight and obesity have to put pressure on these two vital organs. A person who has compromised renal function should do everything possible to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The excess calories can store fat on the inside of the liver and impair the performance of the same. It is very important to eat healthy foods during the day and respect the caloric guidelines.

3- Do not consume excess sodium:

Sodium or salt are essential minerals that are usually used to preserve food. However, the excessive consumption of this substance can cause an imbalance in the fluids of the body, in turn affecting the health of the kidneys. In addition, salt is one of the main causes of fluid retention, especially in people with liver and kidney shortcomings. Fluid retention is a problem that must be controlled, since otherwise it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Ideally, ingesting sodium naturally food and not use it as an additional ingredient.

4- Beware of excessive consumption of alcohol:

Excessive alcohol consumption causes serious damage both in the liver and kidneys. Alcohol causes liver cells weaken and are destroyed, caused an electrolyte imbalance that the body keeps its biological stability at the same time. In addition, this product is also cause of fluid retention, which as we mentioned in the previous point, is responsible for the deterioration of the hepatic and renal function.

How to keep the liver and kidneys healthy naturally

5- Powerful juice to clean the liver and kidneys:

In addition to taking into account the previous Councils, it is very good to clean the liver and kidneys naturally with ingredients that promote the Elimination of toxins and debris not needed by the body. Although there are several purifying juice for a clean liver and kidney, this time you share a very powerful juice with a flavor that you will love.


5 carrots.
1 Apple.
2 pears.
A handful of parsley.

How prepare it?

Bring all ingredients to the blender and mix well with a little water to facilitate its incorporation. Once you are ready should be consumed preferably fresh for three consecutive days in fasting and repeat each month. Although you have the option of strain it after preparing it, it is ideal to leave it without straining to take advantage of all its properties.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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