Monday, November 2, 2015

Home remedies to kill the fungus

Fungi can appear on any part of our body, although the most common are given around the nails, feet or in places where there is more moisture and heat, such as the underarms. Hair dandruff is also linked to a fungus.
In this article we present four excellent remedies to combat them, based on tea tree, garlic, vinegar of Apple and ginger. With a little patience we eliminate them natural, simple and without any After Effect, preventing also back out.

Home remedies to kill the fungus

1- Tea tree:

The essential oil of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), which is obtained from the leaves of this plant of Australian origin, is one of the most popular oils, known to be a powerful antiseptic, antiviral agent and natural fungicide that helps us to fight many diseases of the skin, since it is used topically.
It is so powerful that we should use it with caution, since it can cause us irritation of mucous membranes (genital tract, mouth, eyes, etc). We can apply a droplet directly if it is a small area either, if it is large or delicate, mix it with a little coconut oil, which is not irritating and also has fungicidal properties.
Since we are going to buy this oil, which is not expensive, need to know that we can also use it to heal wounds, to treat snobs, as an insecticide, mosquito repellent and as a household cleaning product.

2- Garlic:

This valuable food also becomes a kit that can solve us many health problems in a short time. And who does not have garlic at home?
In other articles we have already listed multiple properties that invite us to consume it on a daily basis:
It prevents cardiovascular diseases.
improves circulation.
increases the defenses.
cleanses the body.
But in this case we will apply it directly on the affected area, since thanks to its content of alicilina you will be able to remove all traces of fungi. If the area is small, we can directly apply half garlic and hold with a little tape, to change it when we notice that it not release smell.
Another option for larger areas, is to prepare a maceration oil. So we crush five cloves of garlic and cover them in good quality olive oil. Leave to macerate for a week and greet it, to apply the oil marinated twice a day.
We can also get this oil already prepared, usually in capsules, for those people who can not eat it directly crude in the dietary and herbal. Consumption will also help us to combat the fungi from the inside.

3- Apple Cider vinegar:

Apple Cider vinegar is another of the school most mentioned in our articles, thanks to its multiple uses. We emphasized that we can use it as shampoo and conditioner, as a household cleaner, as cleanser, as booster metabolism and slimming, among others.
In this case we also highlight its anti fungal property. That Yes, as already mentioned also above, must be a non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar, so have the live yeast.
The treatment is very simple. We must only apply Apple Cider vinegar on the infected area with the help of gauze or cotton and leave to dry in the open air. Vinegar is an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin problems, since its acid pH balances the natural pH of the skin.

Home remedies to kill the fungus

4- Ginger:

Ginger, a gift for the health that comes from the East, is well known for its benefits if we consume it directly, but we also know some properties apply directly on our skin, since it is anti-inflammatory, improves circulation and brings heat.
To treat any type of skin fungi we can acquire its essential oil and even combine it with tea tree, either prepare a decoction of the fresh root or powder. We will make it fairly concentrated, apply it two or three times a day, and leave it to dry in the open air.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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