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Home remedies for swelling stomach

Suddenly your pants fit you more than before or you feel that your stomach is a balloon about to burst, but despite exercising reduces inches and calories from all sides less in the abdomen... why? You can that you are suffering from inflammation. Discover in this article what are the best home remedies for stomach swelling.
If you are not eating too much or the few bites you're satisfied, it is not normal that you feel then very heavy, as if you had a large stone in the stomach. The reasons for the bloating can be varied, from intolerance to certain foods to stomach allergies caused by ingredients that you irritate mucous membranes, or in other cases, problems digesting food. So much so that many of those who suffer from stomach inflammation are lactose-intolerant.
In addition to pay more attention to what you eat and what are the consequences in your stomach, you can combat this feeling with some natural tips and home remedies. We know more!

1- How deflating the abdomen?

Home remedies for swelling stomach

Stop eating so much salt:

Sodium is very bad for health if consumed in high quantities. The recommended dosage per day for an adult is 1500 mg. However, the type of food that we and the lack of a healthy diet does that value is expected to double. Then, a good idea is to not add extra salt on your dishes. You can also analyze food labels and buy those containing less sodium.

Added more potassium to your diet:

Meals that have much potassium, such as bananas or spinach, allow you to eliminate excess fluid retained in the body, including the abdomen. You can make a delicious smoothie by mixing a banana and one medium papaya or eating a potato with Peel and half a cup of cooked spinach.

Do not consume alcohol:

Alcoholic beverages are harmful to our health for various obvious reasons. If you have bloating, may be due to the fermentation of alcohol in the intestine, causing gases in the stomach and inflammation.

Cooking vegetables:

It is true that eating raw vegetables is most beneficial for our body if they are cooked, but in the event that you have much swelling, you will have to opt for the second alternative. The meal without cooking may cause inflammation because it takes longer to digest.

2- Foods that reduce stomach inflammation:

Home remedies for swelling stomach


If you eat this type of food not only you'll be helping to deflate your belly, but that you let the removal of many toxins from your body and your blood. In this group of antioxidants are: blueberries, apples, onions, celery and garlic. Consume four servings of the indicated fruit and two or three of these vegetables.


The fiber will help fight inflammation in the stomach. To do this, do not hesitate to add to your diet fruits, vegetables, whole grains, rice, whole wheat flour and oats. Also be careful with the quantities, since excessive fiber causes gas.

Low in fat:

Low fat foods are excellent for reducing stomach inflammation, because they are much healthier than the high in fat. Change the breakfast pastries for a cup of cereal and fruit. Instead of fries, eat carrots or celery. Prefer the meat grilled or broiled rather than fried.


Cumin, oregano and fennel are used to combat the swelling caused by gases.
Fennel is also good as an antiseptic, which makes it excellent for cases of diarrhea.
Cumin has sedative and diuretic properties, being recommended for fluid retention.
Oregano has the ability to improve digestion and, being diuretic, also serves for the health of the liver and kidneys.


A good infusion of Linden allows combat stress due to its soothing properties. Other medicinal plants also comply with this goal, reducing appetite and anxiety by eating, then fill the stomach and causes heaviness. Birch leaves are also very good to eliminate inflammation, especially if it is caused by the menstrual period.

Home remedies for swelling stomach

3- Homemade for bloating recipe:

One shake rather than effective for this problem consists of four ingredients that allow you to remove the liquid and gas that causes inflammation.
The first is the yogurt. While some people are intolerant to dairy products, it is also true that yogurt has "good" bacteria to remove food that is fermented in the intestine.
The second is the ginger. It is very effective in cases of indigestion, bloating and gas. This is because that the Ginger is carminative, besides being good to avoid cramps.
The third ingredient is the banana, rich in potassium, aiding in the Elimination of sodium.
And finally the cardamom, a sort of Indian origin that improves digestion.
Place one or two cups of nonfat yogurt, two peeled and sliced bananas, a teaspoon of grated ginger and teaspoon cardamom powder in the Blender jar. As additional, you can add half a cup of skim milk, two tablespoons of honey and half a cup of ice. Blend well and drink.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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