Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diabetes in women

Type 2 diabetes is lately becoming one of the most common diseases among women. In fact, considered that it is the fourth cause of mortality among this population. Moreover, studies tell us that while in men aged 60 to 74 years the incidence is 11% among women is already 14%. Why does this occur? Can we prevent it?
Although the symptoms of diabetes in men and women are very similar, there are some signs that appear only in us and that is worth knowing him to be taken into account. We invite you therefore to learn more about the issue for the sake of your health.

Diabetes in women

1- Symptoms of diabetes in women:

Weight loss: is very common in type I diabetes. In this type, our body may not use all the calories that the body gives it. While we make a correct diet, we will lose weight without knowing how.
Need to continue going to the bathroom. It is another very characteristic symptom of diabetes. Why is it? you might wonder. Our body tries to get rid of the excess sugar through the urine. Hence the constant sensation, the desire to go to the bathroom.
Dehydration. This happens precisely because as previously explained. Go often to the bathroom, urinating often, not only to remove sugar, but also water. We will slowly dehydrating us without realizing, and it is a dangerous thing.
Feeling of hunger. It occurs with type II diabetes. Also called polyphagia, which is the need to continue eating food. This is because the level of insulin is very high in our body, an imbalance that makes us feel.
infection. Very characteristic in women. They appear on the skin, also in the vagina and urinary tract.

2- Diabetes at each vital stage of women:

Well it is true that Diabetes can occur at any time in the life of the woman, but it is known that there are two key moments where there are more likely to suffer it:

1. During pregnancy:

It is called generational Diabetes. During the development of the fetus, woman's body undergoes various changes at the metabolic level, it takes more energy to the gestation of the creature and insulin level is thus increased in blood. All this does not cause excessively serious problems in pregnancy, they can reach term perfectly, but it is possible that if the mother has diabetes in pregnancy, the child is obese.
There is a very high risk that in case that women have more pregnancies, repeat the gestational diabetes. And Moreover, there is a 65% chance that ends the day tomorrow, developing type II Diabetes.
What factors can influence that I suffer gestational diabetes during pregnancy? If we have more than 30 years, if we have a family history with diabetes, and if we are suffering from overweight.

2. Menopause:

Menopause occurs over ten years in the life of the woman, and begins when our body begins to lower their production of estrogen and progestetrona, hormones that they lead to the appearance of the woman.
Due to these hormonal changes control of glucose begins to change. Increases sensitivity to insulin at the same time that resistance by the fall in estrogen... all this leads to appear not only Diabetes, but cardiovascular problems.
Moving up in weight after menopause also aggravates their incidence, have less control over glucose and ends leading to Diabetes.

Diabetes in women

3. Other causes of the appearance of diabetes:

Type I: diabetes can occur at any age, but it is common that they are diagnosed in people younger, as in children. The exact cause is unknown, but it is thought that it may be due in part to genetic factors. The body does not produce enough insulin and we just need daily injections of this hormone to compensate.
Type II diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes, which appears especially in the adult age. It is due mostly to a few incorrect habits, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet which makes us gain weight. A few years ago was usual its incidence in the adult population, but lately it begins to appear in children and adolescents. Industrial food high in fat, and the little exercise that our young people now, and consequent obesity, practice is causing the onset of type II diabetes. It is thus necessary to start changing these habits for the good of all.
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