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Benefits of dance for health

The dance is a great way for people of all ages achieve keep in shape. In addition to being fun, the dance has many positive health benefits. Read below more about the benefits of dance for the health.
Dancing is one of the ways that really can illuminate the monotonous lives of the people. What you can really benefit them in their emotional health, mental, physical and general. When someone decides to start a form of exercise typically take into account the level of fun that includes and the dancing is that… fun.

1- Benefits of dance for overall health:

Benefits of dance for health

Help your heart:

The dance is a great activity for those with risk of cardiovascular disease . An Italian study showed that people with heart failure who practiced the dance as an exercise, improved their health of the heart, as well as breathing, and the quality of life significantly in comparison with those that rode a bike or walked in a walker for exercise.

Weight Loss:

Weight loss is another of the benefits of dance if the practices followed. A study of the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that a program of aerobic exercise training of dance is so useful for weight loss and increase in aerobic power such as cycling and jogging.

It increases the energy:

Do you think you're without power during the day? Dance may help you retrieve it. A research published in the scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, found that a dance program weekly could improve the physical performance and increase energy levels in adults.

Improves flexibility strength and resistance:

Dance sometimes requires a great amount of flexibility. Most of the dance classes begin with a warm up that includes several exercises flexible stretching. When you dance, you should be pushing yourself to achieve the range of motion of all muscle groups.
Dance force increases, forcing the muscles resisting the own weight of the body. Many styles of dance, including jazz and ballet, require leaps in the air and jump requires a tremendous force of the main muscles of the legs.
The dance is a physical exercise, which increases the resistance. The resistance is the ability of the muscles to work hard for ever longer periods of time without fatigue. Dance regularly, is ideal for improving the resistance, especially the vigorous dance.

Makes you feel happy:

Dancing is something that almost everyone enjoys to do. If you look at a person while dancing, surely this has a big smile on your face. You smile and laugh while dancing is absolutely natural! This is because it allows you to enjoy really. There is no barrier of age in the dance as opposed to other forms of exercise. A person of any age can dance and enjoy the benefits of dance for the health.

Eliminates the stress and depression:

It has been shown that one of the benefits of the dance is that it helps prevent the slight depression and improve the confidence of the person who dances. Depression is becoming a growing problem among adolescents and adults of all ages.
A study in the International Journal of Neurosciences found that the therapy of movement of the dance in addition to improving the depression, so too does with the psychological stress by regulating the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Given that the dance is a social activity, help with the feelings of isolation that they suffer from the people who suffer from depression and sometimes elderly people living alone.

Enhance your confidence and self-esteem:

Dance also helps to improve confidence. Each time that you've mastered a new dance step, you experience an increase in confidence, in addition to an elevated mood. This increase in the trust is transferred to all aspects of your life.
Dancing is a social activity. Studies have shown that the strong social ties, and socialization with friends contribute to a high level of self-esteem and a positive attitude. Dance provides many opportunities to meet other people. Join dance classes you can increase your self-esteem and develop social skills. Due to the fact that physical activity reduces stress and tension, the dance gives you a general feeling of well-being.

2- Benefits of dancing for mental health:

Benefits of dance for health

Improves memory:

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the ballroom can increase your memory and prevent the onset of dementia as old. Science has revealed that aerobic exercise can reverse the loss of volume in the hippo campus, the part of the brain that controls memory. The hippo campus shrinks naturally during adulthood, which often leads to memory problems, and sometimes the dementia.

Combat Alzheimer's disease:

A study with participants of the third age published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the dance frequently helps to prevent the effects of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, as well as increase mental acuity for people of all ages. It has also been shown that some people with Alzheimer's disease are able to recall memories forgotten when dance music that used to be known.

Increases your intelligence:

For centuries, the manuals of dance and other writings have praised the benefits of dance for the health, usually as physical exercise. Now, thanks to studies, it has been shown to increase your intelligence. The essence of intelligence is to make decisions. The best advice, when it comes to improving your mental acuity, is getting involved in activities that require decision-making fast (in seconds), so to increase your intelligence instead of memorization, you can simply work on your style physical dancing.
One way to do this is to learn something new. Not only the dance, anything new. To take dance classes you could challenge your mind and stimulate the connectivity of the brain creating a need for new roads. The difficult classes are the best, since they incite you to have a greater need for new neural connections, thus increasing your connectivity neural.

Benefits of dance for health

3- What kind of music I dance?

There are many forms of dance. Jazz, salsa, meringue, spree, reggaeton, teasing, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, etc. are the different types of music. Each form of dance is equally beneficial. All types of dance give you ways in which you can have a healthy life. Dancing can help you in many ways. All forms of dance are equally effective, the only thing is that you have to decide is what form of dance you like most and practice it constant mind to obtain the benefits of dance for health.
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