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7 Things that every woman should do for your skin

The skin is a part of our body that is also necessary to take care of. Beyond the beauty, beautiful skin is a skin health, which affects our overall well-being. Consider this as your to-do list to achieve a healthier and more beautiful skin. These are the 7 things every woman should do for your skin.

7 Things that every woman should do for your skin

1- Eat fruits and vegetables:

Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables can give you a vital healthy glow to your skin. A study of 2012 in the journal PLoS One found that people who consumed a lot of colorful products were healthier and more attractive. One reason is that fruits and vegetables (e.g. carrots, squash, red peppers, etc.) contain carotenoids that increase tones of yellow, red and orange skin.
A study of the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who consumed a large amount of vitamin C, in particular, were less prone to wrinkles and dry, flaky skin (possibly since the nutrient promotes collagen production). Do you think that you are consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables? We recommend the consumption of 4.5 cups daily of fruits and vegetables.

2- Clean the face two times a day:

Most of the women wash the face three or four times a day, but according to the Boston School of Medicine of the University, studies show that two times a day it is optimal. The more you wash, more likely to have rid the skin of natural oils. What's more, some of the Exfoliating particles that are found in shrubs (such as pieces of bones of fruits) may cause microscopic scratches on the skin. And the micropearls, which are smoother on the face, can be bad for us in other forms (pollute the ocean and, increasingly, the Great Lakes and can increase the level of toxins in the fish we eat). A towel does a good job in the shedding of dead cells from the skin, dirt and makeup.

3- Do not worry so much by using enough sunscreen:

The skin under the eye tends to be very thin and sensitive, which even though it is prone to damage from the Sun, is also susceptible to irritation of the sunscreen ingredients. It is better to get a couple of big sunglasses and use them everywhere. That Yes, they must specify which possess 99 to 100 percent UV protection.

7 Things that every woman should do for your skin

4- Worry to fund solar protection:

It is important to worry about Sun protection even when you think you are protected by clothing. A color shirt clearly has a protection very low of UPF-approximately 5 or 7. If it's cotton unbleached (which has pigments that absorb UV rays), it provides even less protection. Pay attention to these details also.

5- Take care of neck:

The worse sun damage that the woman suffers is in the chest. Whenever a woman is outside in a top that exposes chest, it is important to put the sunscreen to the line frame. And if you use moisturizer or other treatments for the face, should be use in the neck and chest also.

6- Sleep face-up:

Very few people sleep upside down while it is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Sleep on its side or upside down cause wrinkles in the face, since it is pressed against the pillow. If you can't sleep on your back because you have a problem with snoring, sleep apnoea sleep, knee problems, back problems, etc. considered a case Silk Pillow or a special pillow with trim for your face.

7 Things that every woman should do for your skin

7- Visit the dermatologist once a year:

You should visit a dermatologist once a year for prevention of skin cancer. Dermatologists diagnose skin cancer or an abnormality in an early stage. And while early skin cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is cure. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests to keep an appointment with the dermatologist once a year.
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