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Tips to treat cellulite naturally

This condition is that most affected - especially - to the female population, since it causes changes in the skin, changing their texture and giving an appearance some pleasant view, which causes serious problems of self-esteem, thus affects emotionally to women who suffer it, since it is a problem that is very difficult to completely eliminate.
However, to prevent and treat cellulite, there are some natural therapies that can be very effective if performed with care and consistency that the problem warrants. We know a little more...

1- What causes cellulite develop?

Cellulite appears when the subcutaneous tissue, i.e. which lies immediately beneath the skin, filled with water, fats and different toxins. The causes of these accumulations can be genetic, hormonal, due to lack of exercise, poor diet, problems of stress, poor circulation of blood, among many more.

Types of cellulite:

Tips to treat cellulite naturally

Widespread cellulite:

This kind of cellulite can appear at any age, usually occurs in people with excess weight and bad eating habits.

Localized cellulite:

This kind of cellulite can occur in young people between sixteen and twenty years of age approximately. It usually appears in the legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders or back. It is usually a painful cellulite.

Hard cellulite:

It usually appears between athletes and dancers, who have well firm and toned tissues is usually accompanied by stretch marks. It is not a painful cellulite. You can see to put pressure on the skin and is developed by bad habits in food, in addition to little oxygenation.

Flabby cellulite:

This kind of cellulite is very common among sedentary people, who do not perform any type of physical activity or those that tend to lose and gain weight frequently. Also note without having to touch the skin, when the person moves the party affected by cellulite moves.

Edematous cellulite:

It can appear at any age, appearing more frequently in adolescents, although in older women you can see easily on legs, since they become very thick and, at first glance, note of orange peel.

2- What should you avoid when you suffer from cellulite?

All kinds of flours
Instant coffee
Alcoholic beverages

Recommended food:

Pineapple, watermelon, Orange and pear. Eating them every day
Low fat yogurt
Very little salt and water
Foods rich in omega-3.

Tips to treat cellulite naturally

3- Herbs for cellulite treatment:

There are a variety of herbs that may be very effective in preventing the formation of cellulite, it's herbs that have properties to help eliminate that has already developed.

Ivy leaves:

Its scientific name is Hedera Helix, this is an herb that has the ability to exercise a vascular and lymphatic drainage. One of its components is an element called Hederagenin, which acts in the blood vessels and improving blood circulation.
The procedure to carry out the treatment based on this plant is quite simple, first thing you should do is to dilute a tablespoon of dried leaves in a cup of olive oil, leaving to macerate for at least 12 hours, after which can be applied on the affected parts.

The Meadowsweet:

This plant has anti-inflammatory properties, also possesses flavonoids, which makes it a very useful treatment for this condition.

Asian centella:

Centella is another of the plants that are recommended to treat this problem, because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


This is a plant with large diuretic properties, owns components such as inulin and potassium that are very effective to prevent fluid retention, aiding in the Elimination of toxins. This plant is preparing an infusion by adding 100 grams of leaves in a liter of water and let it boil for ten to fifteen minutes. When cool you can drink two or three cups during the day.


Nettle is rich in magnesium, a mineral that has great power to help drain the lymphatic system. To obtain their benefits, it is necessary to prepare an infusion. It is set aside and is drunk in one daily take.

Tips to treat cellulite naturally

The ponytail:

Plant with large diuretic properties, being of great help to improve and prevent water retention. To prepare this tea is still the previous steps, by placing a tablespoon of these leaves in a cup of water boiling and steeping before drinking.

Don't forget it!

Try to avoid too high heels during very long times, very tight clothing and, above all, to remain long under the rays of the Sun. Remember that to prevent cellulite, it is necessary to maintain proper hydration, as well as to practice physical activity regularly, even just walking half an hour daily is enough to keep the blood circulation and prevent evils so annoying and anti-aesthetics as, in this case, can be the cellulite.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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