Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to clean your home naturally and economic

Did you know that you can clean your house using simply as economic, natural products such as vinegar, bicarbonate or lemon? In this article you will learn must how-to on each task, as well as the main benefits of cleaning your home in this way.

How to clean your home naturally and economic

1- Advantages of natural cleaners:

These are the main advantages of using vinegar, baking soda or lemon as our home cleaners:

They are inexpensive
They are very effective
They are easy to use
We find them easily
They contain no toxic substances
They are eco-friendly

2- Apple Cider vinegar:

Vinegar, in addition to having numerous properties for health as well as cosmetic for skin and hair, is a product that we can use to clean most of our House. In addition, not for being natural you will be less effective, since its content of citric acid, acetic acid and tartaric makes it a powerful disinfectant.
The vinegar helps to eliminate the remains of fat and other substances embedded, eliminates odors and gives shine, among other properties. We highlight some of its uses:

In the kitchen: we can mix equal parts with water and keep it in a pot with spray, spray it on counter tops, stove, etc.
The glass: instead of using a specific product for glasses, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar by five parts water. We can fill old spray of crystals.
In the washing machine: vinegar can also be used instead of the conventional fabric softener in the washer, and also helps us to maintain clean lime piping.
Against rust: all types of stains caused by oxidation can be eliminated if we rub a cloth with vinegar or immerse the object in vinegar for a couple of hours.
For furniture and wood floors: cleaner and Polish easier for all types of furniture and wooden floors is vinegar mixed with water.
If it bothers us the smell of vinegar in some places a few drops of essence we can add to preparations. We highly recommend that foreclosures cleaning, such as lemon, tea tree or peppermint.
According to some cultures, vinegar not only cleans superficially, but it helps us to eliminate the negative energies of the home.

3- Sodium bicarbonate:

Baking soda is another amazing product of infinite applications in health, beauty and household cleaning. It not only helps us to whiten our teeth and wash our hair, it is, along with the vinegar, a great cleaner and disinfectant. In many cases even can them be used by combining them.
For the bath and tiles: If we directly apply baking soda on a rag or sponge, can rub with both bathtub and all types of tiles. Then we will clarify with water and dry.
In the washing machine: to wash clothes is very useful, since it softens, eliminates odors and helps scaling stains, especially on the fat.
Removes organic odours: for example, the smell of shoes, carpets, the dustbin, food closets or beds for our pets. Just sprinkle with baking the place causing the odor and brush it or shake it a couple of hours later.

How to clean your home naturally and economic

4- Lemon:

Lemon is one of great our body scrubbers, helps us to dissolve fat and purify the blood. In the same way, is an excellent solution to clean our home, and in addition also freshens it.
For the bathroom: as a great disinfectant that is, will allow us to clean the bathroom completely, especially the toilet. In the dirtiest areas can even directly using a lemon split in half and rub it on the area.
Microwave: introduce a cup containing half water and half of lemon juice in the microwave. We put it to heat two minutes, so that the steam generated will degreasing embedded stains. Then you only have to go through a cloth throughout the Interior.
To whiten the linen: linen washing, if we add a bit of lemon juice can recover the original white color without damaging it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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