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Tips to keep clean of toxins, kidneys and bladder

Having a few kidneys healthy and clean of toxins is a key essential to our overall health. And if in addition we take care of our bladder, we will avoid annoying and classical infections. Want to know what advice to follow to protect yourself from toxins? Discover it.

Tips to keep clean of toxins, kidneys and bladder

1- Tips for debugging toxins from the kidneys and bladder:

Surely you've heard on many occasions the need to cleanse our body of these elements commonly called toxins. But what actually are these toxins? However, these substances are basically elements present in our blood that we obtain through food waste that does not serve anything, harmful elements that enter our body through contamination, food and, occasionally, are also remains of those medicines that you usually take. Our cells also produce waste that we must eliminate, without passing through high metals or crystals of uric acid so harmful at the end and at the end.
He thinks that the task of debugging blood makes it both the liver as the lymphatic system, and the kidneys, they are people who in addition, dealing with the following tasks:

Adjust the levels of sodium, phosphorus and potassium, so then once again return to the blood in a balanced way.
Regulate important hormones: erythropoietin, Renin and calcitriol (vitamin D).
Set the balance acid-base (pH) of the organism.
Regulate blood pressure.
So, as you can see, it is essential that we eliminate all those toxins. Store them in the body, we can suffer several very unhealthy consequences that you can already guess:

Fluid retention.
General malaise
Wear our fabrics; many cells die every day.
Problems in several organs filled with toxins, their role is difficult.
We lose defenses and our immune system is weakened.
Then, what can we do to go debugging toxins every day and thus improve the functioning of our kidneys and the health of our bladder? Notes:

Tips to keep clean of toxins, kidneys and bladder

1. Cranberry juice:

Blueberries stand as great protectors of our bladder. Avoiding infections, maintain its natural balance avoiding harmful elements are stored. In addition, get that urine is much more healthy and less heavy metals capable of doing damage to our kidneys. They are a natural treasure of antioxidants that we should include every day in our diet.

2. Apple juice:

Natural Apple, always natural Apple and not the juices that sold in supermarkets. Ideal if every day take for example a Green Apple and get their juice in processor, including skin. It is a natural cleanser in our liver and kidneys, a natural supply of antioxidants which regulates the level of sugar very well.

3. Carrot juice and grapes:

Dare to combine these foods. You already know the virtues of grapes, so full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals perfect for debugging our kidneys, and protect the bladder. Combined with the carrot will get a perfect remedy to cleanse our body of toxins. Perfect if you prepare it in the evenings, along with your dinner.

4. Appropriate vegetables:

Takes note of the best vegetables to clean your kidneys and bladder. They are very healthy foods to prepare proper and multiple dishes. Remember that you should always be fresh: asparagus, beets, artichokes, celery, and spinach. They are also diuretic vegetables that will make you go more times to urinate, and therefore will go debugging our body of toxins.

Tips to keep clean of toxins, kidneys and bladder

5. More beneficial natural plants:

There are numerous medicinal plants that are going to go very well to take care of your kidneys. It would be appropriate that you took these infusions, either in the morning or the afternoon. But, do you know what are the two most beneficial plants to purify toxins? Dandelion and parsley. So that you help as you can for example get a decoction of a bunch of parsley with a liter of water. The flavor is very strong, but it is worthwhile to go drinking throughout the day. If we do it once a week we will serve as a great debugger of toxins.
As the dandelion, it is always suitable to take it after your meals. It also acts as a great digestive.
In conclusion, these simple tips will be you very well, but remember to always keep a balanced diet where no abuse of fats or processed foods such as refined flour. It limits the use of sugar and salt, they are great enemies of our kidneys.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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