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Tips to avoid shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a very uncomfortable situation and disabling. The shoulder joint allows us to interact with our environment in an efficient way, fulfilling a role of great importance when it comes to activities with our upper limb.
There are different types of injuries that can cause sore shoulder, which generate inflammation in the area causing considerable discomfort.

Tips to avoid shoulder pain

1- These lesions are usually caused by:

Sudden movements exceeding the capacity of this area, also by contractions of the muscles that surround the shoulder.
Lift heavy weights.
Repeated movements performed poorly, how to take an object in an incorrect position for the joint, implying a forced labour for the zone.
Bad gestures to practice sports, sports that involve the use of the shoulder joint predominantly without respecting the right techniques that would advise a coach.
The inflammation that occurs can become chronic if we do not treat it in time.
Greater consideration situations which require immediate medical attention...
Dislocations and fractures. These two situations are usually due to trauma to the shoulder area.
Within that cause shoulder pain pathologies we can appoint a:

Osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, tendon calcification. It should be noted that the mentioned pathologies are not the only ones causing shoulder pain, but usually are the most common.
Then indicate certain tips that help prevent injuries that cause shoulder pain so that we may live fully without alterations that limit our movement.

Tips to avoid shoulder pain

2- Advice:

You must never exceed the capacity of your body, if you notice that you just want to lift or load generates an important work, it is best that you ask for help.Be careful when you go to the gym. Many times it is believed that by lifting more weight the muscles will be strengthened faster. Everything should be progressive if you do not want to hurt you.
Regular exercise improves whole body function, preventing that get hurt easily. You must mobilize each segment of the body before starting any activity to heat input mode, if you do not have greater chance of hurting yourself. Remember to also perform stretches before and after the activity.
If discomfort persist and become more intense wait no more and go to a specialist. The doctor will evaluate and will give you a diagnosis, as well as medication to reduce inflammation and pain to then indicate sessions of rehabilitation according to the need. Rehabilitation plays a very important role to prevent new injuries, because it will help to strengthen the structure of the shoulder.
It is imperative that you culmines the sessions given by your doctor, and not abandon it as soon the pain has decreased or disappeared. A bad or incomplete recovery will lead to new injuries and possibly more serious, which in certain cases may require surgical intervention, with the cost and time of recovery involving a post-operative. You must also tell the professional any pain or discomfort you notice during the rehabilitation process, respect your body signals.

Tips to avoid shoulder pain

3- Beneficial activities:

Yoga is recommended to help prevent injuries. At the same time harmonizing the mind, this activity helps relax the body in general, relieves tensions and pains caused by States of stress and nervousness. Your body will adopt a better posture, which will give you a better port and at the same time will avoid that get hurt easily.
The Pilates method is another recommended practice to strengthen and tone your body, achieving a slender figure, as well as prevent injuries generally.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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