Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tips for perfect eyelashes

Always have the eyelashes as cinema actresses, models or singers? It is not necessary to spend a fortune on beauty treatments. You can enjoy the most beautiful lashes with tricks and household tips, more than effective. You'll only need some tools and makeup. Learn more in the following article.
Tabs are used to highlight your eyes and have a look more sexy and provocative. There is no doubt that a cute "fan" that move in suggestive way can arouse passion wherever you go.

1- Five steps to get beautiful Eyelash:

Tips for perfect eyelashes

Place tabs mask:

This makeup has much influence in your eyes. Always choose a product of good quality, with natural ingredients to hydrate and care for the tabs, which is also easy to remove but it is not immediately despinte. Keep this makeup somewhere cool, relatively moist so that it lasts longer. Before applying, remember to clean thoroughly with a cleansing or moisturizing cream, then rinse with warm water. Dry well and apply a thin layer of mask. Leave it to dry and only then apply the second layer. If you focus on the external sector of the upper lashes, give more depth to the eyes.

Use pliers to bend the tabs:

There is no doubt that curved eyelashes are the sexiest. The clamps that are responsible for this work are not expensive and the good thing is that it does not hurt the process. You just keep a few seconds and nothing else.

It separates eyelashes:

When you are applying the mask, eyelashes tend to join between them, forming groups. If the makeup over is not of good quality, it will leave lumps. To avoid these inconveniences, it places back of a spoon above the tabs and repeats itself curving upwards. Leave to dry the mask and used an old toothbrush into disuse or a special comb to leave them as you like.

Use a brush for eyelashes:

At the time of applying mask and until it dries, place the brush to make them as desired. Another good idea is to do it before makeup, but only if the mask is of good quality. The good news is that this also improves blood flow and removes those that are fallen below the eye or eyelid.

It takes care of your lashes always:

More than that you not makeup them every day, do not hesitate to keep them in good condition. Never go to sleep without removing the mask, cleansing creams applied to remove dirt from the day, always with a soft cotton. You can apply almond oil to massage the area and moisturize for you is to see thick, strong, and beautiful.

Tips for perfect eyelashes

2- Natural remedies for eyelashes:

These homemade recipes offer you excellent results and bring beautiful eyelashes, taken from an advertisement for makeup, no doubt as a result.

Mixture of oils:

Castor, almond, avocado and olive oil placed in equal parts in a container. Use this preparation to remove make-up, by embedding a cotton. Then apply a drop line tabs and go to sleep. Morning rinse to wash your face.

Castor oil and rum:

Mix three teaspoons of this oil with a cane rum. Applied with a cotton ball on the tabs. Be careful to not enter into the eyes. Leave to act overnight.


It uses a natural Chamomile tea, which are not available in packets or bags in stores. Buy dry flower and put a handful in a bowl of water boiling, let stand, strain and when cold soak a cotton, which you will pass the eyelids and eyelashes every night.

Olive oil:

Rather than use the mixture indicated before, also serves on its single. It is a home remedy for hair and skin like no other. Apply two drops on the eyelashes every night, using the fingertips or cotton. Always from below upwards and let stand until the next morning.

Tips for perfect eyelashes

3- More tips for eyelashes of luxury:

Avoid curling them when you've already you mask as they will damage more easily.
If you use curler for eyelashes pays attention not to push on the eyelids, much because of where you are born and weaken, avoiding to grow and be strong and healthy.
It always curls lashes in three parts, gently and with care not to break them. Thus the effect you get will be more natural and at the same time you're protecting them as direct attacks.
The natural oils that help in the beauty and health of the eyelashes (olive, almond, castor), apply up to two times per week, so will keep them hydrated. A good choice is the white Vaseline, to give an effect of "false".
You have to use curlers heat for tabs with caution, as well as the irons for hair. The results are not 100% satisfactory, but it can be ideal for a special occasion.
Before applying the mask, you can place a multiple effect, i.e., that serve to separate lashes, give them volume, define the curl and not leave lumps when you give both layers of color.
Eat more oranges, carrots and honey, to help in the growth of eyelashes from the inside of your body
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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