Thursday, August 6, 2015

Syrup of salvia for a flat belly

You may be surprised, but few medicinal plants are as beneficial as the Sage. The same word is nurtured by its Latin root means "heal and save". Traditionally also is the associated with women, since it is very appropriate to regulate menstrual cycles, mitigate the effects of the menopause, and how not... help to stylize the female figure. Especially the belly. Do you want to know how?
Although Sage is an aromatic plant that we usually use in our dishes, contains in its properties real benefits which are known since ancient times. With this we want to tell you that you will not only help get a smaller stomach, but that it will also let you improve your digestion, prevent inflammations, it will help you to relax... know more then.

1- Sage, the female plant:

Syrup of salvia for a flat belly

Benefits for your health:

It is anti-inflammatory, helps us to reduce the pain of joints like wrists, fingers, ankles... is good for cases of arthritis and rheumatic processes.
Sage is also a great antioxidant, prevents the oxidation of many molecules and helps cell oxygenation
It is also an excellent diuretic, thus avoiding the accumulation of fluids.
Helps us in memory, in fact many of the substances of Sage are used to develop medicines to treat Alzheimer's.
Sage is a great relaxing. If you take it at night in infusion will help you sleep.
The Sage is antiseptic and anti-spasmodic, is widely used to treat problems of the respiratory and digestive apparatus.Another fact to consider is that it is very appropriate to treat and care for the skin, relieves ulcers, wounds, abscesses, skin infections... made as tonic is very effective.
Sage is also very suitable for regular menstrual cycles where you suffer delays.
It is a perfect partner to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Why can we help to have a flat stomach?:

Sage has above all a purifying effect dissolves fats, resolves the swelling of the stomach, digestive, prevents constipation and is is detoxifying. Taken on a regular basis will soften the volume of our gut, incandescence and burning the fat located there.

Syrup of salvia for a flat belly

2- Syrup of Sage to achieve a flat twenty:

To develop this syrup we need leaves of Sage and lemon. You can get the Sage in herbal or natural stores. Natural Sage that the selling is always best in classic pods for infusion.
Let's take the Sage syrup during 4 days in a row and twice a month. During these days you will have to follow a nutrition low in fat, where abound salads and fiber. Avoid taking meat, sweets, sausages. Remember, only four days and cares much what you eat only fruits, vegetables, fiber and Sage syrup.
You must take the Sage syrup three times a day. At breakfast, and before the two main meals.
You will have to prepare the syrup in each shot. I.e., which is always freshly made. To do this, take six Sage leaves and throw them in a glass of water boiling. Let them come to a boil, then, allows that five minutes response.
Then, get the juice of half a lemon.
Mix the infusion of salvia with lemon juice and get a well homogeneous content.
Finally add two tablespoons of honey.
Drink it when it is warm, one full glass just get up. You can join the breakfast with an Apple and a toast of oats.
Before your main meal again prepare the Sage syrup. You can prepare a salad with spinach, walnuts and and beet. It will bring you nutrients and proteins, and the Sage syrup will help you make better digestion.
Do the same for dinner again. Prepare the syrup and ten minutes before you drink. For your dinner, you can prepare an eggplant in the oven, and a papaya dessert. Both foods are purifying, low in fat and with adequate vitamins. Sage will also help you get a better night's sleep. If you see you have hunger between meals it uses a piece of fruit, an Apple for example.
Remember that you it's a restrictive diet that you will have to follow just four days, and twice a month. Little by little you will see how your belly looks more firm and flat.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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