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Meals to improve mood

Did you know that what you eat can affect your mood? So, since food components relate directly with hormone levels and therefore, the way to tackle each situation. In the following article you will find food and meals to improve mood. Maybe your diet is the cause of your bad mood or your aggressiveness.

Meals to improve mood

1- Foods that improve mood:

We are what we eat". This statement is completely true. If lately you are very irritable, you get angry or you fret for everything, perhaps the reason is your diet. Many foods have the ability to generate crisis hormone and glucose, related undoubtedly to emotions or susceptibility. To avoid these episodes, pay attention to the following foods to improve mood:

1. Pumpkin seeds:

They are a great source of phosphorus, potassium and zinc, but above all, magnesium. If you need this last nutrient, it is more likely to suffer from nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and an increase in the amount of glucose in blood. Pumpkin seeds

2. Green vegetables:

They are really very beneficial for our health because they have magnesium and as stated previously, this component greatly improving emotional health. It is really vital for the brain, because it maintains the stability of our nervous system. Don't eat spinach, chard, kale, or broccoli.

3. Egg:

Eggs provide calcium, protein, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins K, E, D and A. All this in a single piece of 80 calories (raw or cooked, not fried). It is one of the most nutritious foods as well as causing happiness.

4. Celery and carrot:

Both work together to make you feel better overall mood and your state of mind is optimal. Not only because of the amount of nutrients that offer, but because biting or chewing these two vegetables is a great relief for stress. They are perfect for those who clench teeth, bite your nails or have quit smoking

5. Flax or linseed:

Flax seed is one of the most powerful that exist for various aspects. It contains a good dose of Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce stress, let you rest better and improve your level of attention and concentration. Sleep well, without a doubt, is synonymous with good humor for anyone.

6. Whole grains:

Rice, oats or quinoa are very good if you eat them alone, but also if they are present in preparations such as breads or pastries. Provide you a good amount of healthy carbohydrates, which enable the body to produce the hormone of happiness (as he is told to serotonin). It also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Meals to improve mood

7. Foods high in vitamin C:

When indicate us that we should consume more vitamin C, we immediately think of an orange. However, there are foods with more quantity than this citrus, as it is the case of red peppers, kiwi or papaya. Vitamin C has the ability to reduce stress and allows us to recover more quickly if we are going through a stressful or traumatic episode. Other options include berries and broccoli.

8. Tea:

Black tea is one of the most recommended to improve mood and good humor. However, to relax and calm us after a very busy day (cause of arguments at home, for example), nothing better than camomile, Linden or Valerian. A cup of any of these three herbs will give you immediate welfare. Remember that to enjoy more of the effect, you must remain seated somewhere without doing much more than enjoying the taste of the infusion.

9. Bitter chocolate:

Cocoa has flavonoids that improve mood. It is for this reason that when we feel sad or depressed, a good cure is a good piece of chocolate. In addition, it is very good for the mental clarity, recommended before an exam or study. It reduces stress and us away from evil thoughts. It is eat chocolate with a high cocoa and not so much of milk or fat, to make it more efficient. The head is tryptophan, precursor of serotonin, a hormone responsible for emotional stability.

10. Mussel:

Contain so-called protectors of the brain more powerful nature, i.e. vitamin B12. But in addition, nutrients essential to be in a good mood such as iodine, zinc or selenium.

11. Blue potatoes:

You've probably never heard about them, but they exist and sold in fairs or organic markets. The color of your interior is thanks to anthocyanin, an antioxidant that strengthens the short-term memory and reduces inflammation in certain areas of the body, which no doubt will improve your mood. If you also eat the skin you'll be receiving iodine, which regulates the function of the thyroid gland.

12. Lamb:

In fact, any animal raised on grass pastures are a good source of conjugated linoleum acid (CLA). Lamb Fat protects brain cells and offers a good amount of iron, related to mood, happiness, and good memory.

13. Greek yogurt:

It is the best dairy that you eat, and much better product if you succeed with your original recipe of the Islands. You have more of calcium that milk or traditional yogurt and allows you to be happy. Encourages the brain to release neurotransmitters that make you feel in a good mood. On the other hand, the lack of calcium is not only bad for the bones, but it has other effects: depression, anxiety, problems of memory, irritability, etc. Probiotics help to make digestion, prevent constipation and prevent colds. Try eating a Greek yogurt pot when you're in a bad mood.

Meals to improve mood

14. Stalk of asparagus:

It is a vegetable with many followers and others who usually do not know its delicious taste. One is that offers greater amount of tryptophan, which help produce serotonin, mood and the regulation of the brain. In addition, as they have a good amount of folic acid promotes happiness. It is evidence that depressed people have low levels of this nutrient, as well as also that most tend to get sick.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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