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How to tone and increase buttocks

The buttocks are one of the parts of the body that produces more pride or complex in women. On the other hand, men manifest that it is one of the parts of the body that are first set and value most. Is not it worth know how you can improve the appearance of your own? You get it, we give you some ideas!
In today's article we will focus on how tone and increase the buttocks. Many women have the privilege of being born with a perfect buttocks, others opt for the more expensive road and perform a facelift and others apply ideas that we give you below to achieve the same purpose; that Yes, without leaving the portfolio in the effort or by resorting to the artificiality. Thus, always we have different options or recommendations to keep our toned buttocks.
What better than the natural and healthy, no?

1- Recommendations to help the buttocks:

How to tone and increase buttocks

Eat well:

There are many statements that say "you are what you eat" and your buttocks are not any exception, on the other hand, many times the fat accumulates in this area; something which, on the other hand, do not like us very much. There are meals tempting, such as sweets, crisps and snacks, but unfortunately all those delicious calories give us volume in areas in which we do not want it. If we want to improve the appearance of our buttocks should follow a healthy diet: rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water; and little or no food with high content in fat, calories, sweets and salt.
Thus, follow a diet adequate not only help us have the shape that we want to have, but it also will help us to have a more optimal health.
Remember that it is more advisable to have several small meals a day, have very few but abundant; It is also recommended to eat appetizers every 3 hours, between meals; to do this, you can choose between a yogurt, a fruit, a handful of nuts, energy bars, low calorie, among other things.

Do exercise:

To tell the truth is not so complex to have the perfect buttocks, taking into account what was said above: If you feed well and exercising can do it!. No wonder, just let your laziness aside and devoted at least one hour per day to your physical activity. Any physical activity serves to burn calories and shape your figure, but there is much more specific exercises to work the glutes with greater intensity.

How to tone and increase buttocks

2- Exercises to increase buttocks:

To enhance the buttocks in an effective way is known to the perfect formula physical activity, specifically focused on the hips and buttocks. Here are some exercises you can do to increase the volume of your buttocks.


They are the exercise that all women should practice always, since it is an exercise that helps us to shape the hips, also harden our thighs, lifts and strengthens our buttocks. Start now lowered floor and with two separate legs the width of shoulders, very slowly the hip while your torso is no longer erect and make sure your knees are behind the tip of your toes. You must only imagine you want to push something backwards with your buttocks. Get three (3) series of fifteen (15) repetitions (3 × 15).


Start standing with legs apart in parallel to the height of your hip, now takes a step forward and view slowly down the body by bending both knees, ensures that Flex is 90 ° and the knee of the leg that is forward to the same height of the ankle. Get three (3) series of fifteen (15) repetitions and then repeat with the other leg in front.

"The bridge":

Lie facing up with knees bent and feet fully supported on the floor, raises a little back by force with your buttocks and the back of the thighs and abdomen, until you can form a diagonal line between the knees and shoulders. Get three (3) sets of twenty reps (20).

How to tone and increase buttocks

Abdominal reversed:

For this exercise, it is recommended you tumbes on a mat in position upside down, you must raise your hips toward your belly, this way to make a very full year since you thin your waist, giving shape to your hips and thin the muscles of your buttocks.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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