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How to make a bath of relax and beauty

For those who have a bath at home should not miss the opportunity to make from time to time a bath, a practice that is being lost by the haste with which we live, and that in fact can bring us many benefits for our health and even to be a beauty therapy
In this article you will learn how to prepare it and different options for every person and every occasion: bath of milk and rose petals, Rosemary for the circulation bath, bath to clean the skin of toxins, rejuvenating wine bath or bath against nervousness. What you choose today?

How to make a bath of relax and beauty

1- Milk and rose petal bath:

This bathroom, as well as being a visual spectacle, allows us to hydrate our skin, and is especially recommended for dry or drained the life skins. We will need to prepare:
litre of whole milk (better that is whole, since much more fat content more nutria our skin)
Rose petals
Essential oil of rose (optional) to aromatize bath
The water is colorized maintained white, so it will also be a relaxing bath or even a good choice for bathing with the partner

2- Rosemary bath to improve circulation:

This bath is ideal for those with poor circulation, varicose veins, cellulite, tired legs, headaches, joint or muscle, etc. Rosemary helps us to deal with all these problems and also has a perfect aroma bath.
We surrounded four tablespoons of fresh or dried Rosemary for 15 minutes and will add this decoction to the bath water. We will put the hot water but do not overdo it, since if you have circulation problems should not be us abuse of the hot water.
To compensate for this, we will finish with a cold shower of the entire body except for the head.
And yet we leverage more benefits if we subsequently apply ourselves a little vinegar of romero in the affected areas.

How to make a bath of relax and beauty

3- Bath to clean toxins from the skin:

For those with skin problems such as acne, pimples, boils, psoriasis, dandruff,Seborrhoea, etc., we recommend opting for this purifying bath, in which the main ingredients are:
The juice of three lemons, a very cleansing citric
15 drops of tea tree essential oil
Fresh mint leaves
We will add all the ingredients to the water and enjoy this bath. Previously we have a peeling to help remove dead skin, and so cells that the bath water to penetrate better through the pores. When we leave the bathroom, since that is very cleaning, we drink plenty of fluids our skin with a natural product that is not very fatty, as aloe vera or coconut oil.

4- Rejuvenating wine bath:

Many studies have shown that the nutritional values of the wine or must provide many antioxidants our bodies. In this case we will provide these qualities to our bath water to keep your skin young and firm, and step enjoy a sensual and original bathroom.
We will add a bottle of red wine or grape juice to the bathroom and we can optionally garnish with white flower petals. We can also add some essential oil to scent the bath.
To complete your benefits we can take advantage and get a scrub with crushed grape seeds.

How to make a bath of relax and beauty

5- Bath against nervousness:

This bath provides us with total relaxation, so although it is recommended for everyone, should not miss is so those who suffer from insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, headaches or inflammation, stress or difficult personal situations. We can even prepare it before an event that we put nervous. To do this we will need:
100 grams of powdered magnesium sulphate
A relaxing essential oil (lemon, Orange, Tangerine, lavender and lemon balm...)
Floral prepared rescue (optional)
These three ingredients have relaxing features that help improve our overall balance.
The floral formula, also known as flowers of Bach, has the property of balancing our emotions in a natural way, and although its way more known take it orally, is in drops, also can use it topically, as is the case with this bath. Just add 30 drops of rescue to the bathtub.
If we want to make it as a couple we can also add some sparkling SOAP.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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