Friday, August 7, 2015

Goodbye to the abdominal fat with water from Eggplant

Who do not bother see that fat stored in our abdomen? It is not only unsightly, but it also involves a health problem. Get rid of it requires a little effort and change some habits of our life. Some exercise, and a healthy nutrition is essential to achieve this. And the water of Eggplant can help you.
Water from Eggplant stands as a simple remedy for weight loss. Its high content in water, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, make it an excellent resource for fat-burning and also get a very adequate supply of nutrients to take care of our body. Knowing how to take it, you can become an indispensable aid to gradually reduce that annoying fat in the abdomen.

Goodbye to the abdominal fat with water from Eggplant

1- Why can help me the Eggplant to lose weight?

Eggplants are virtue contain a high amount of nutrients and low in calories. They also act as excellent diuretics, combat water retention, having in addition a satiating effect.
We have to be clear to lower abdominal fat - or reduce our weight - are going to have to change our habits. I.e. water from eggplants will help us only if we have a balanced diet, and do at least half an hour of sports a day.
Water from Eggplant has depurative and detoxifying properties, is fat-free and just have calories. In addition, its nutritional contribution gives you enough to complement a very proper and healthy diet.

2- What other benefits do eggplants?

The eggplants will help eliminate cholesterol. How? you might wonder. Its components absorb fats from the food they eat with her and circulating by the intestine.
Eliminate toxins from the body and regulate intestinal transit, being very appropriate to treat constipation.
It has antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin E and anthocyanin, an antioxidant that protects us from various types of cancer and heart disease.
Eggplants are also very suitable potassium and sodium, something important to the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
Eggplant fiber helps us to purify the body, as we have pointed out before. It also allows us to lower sugar levels in blood, thus helping diabetics.
It has in addition to folic acid, suitable for our bones.
The aubergines are very good for people who suffer from liver problems, since it stimulates the functioning of bile.
It is a vegetable rich in magnesium and iron, can prevent anemia, and improve our defenses.

3- How to lose weight with water from eggplants?

Goodbye to the abdominal fat with water from Eggplant

How to take it?

You must take it for seven consecutive days. It is advisable to follow this diet at least once a month, since in addition to helping us fight abdominal fat, it helps us to purify the body.
This week you must follow a diet based on salads, juices and minimize industrial fats and refined flours.
You should drink half a litre of water from Eggplant a day. A glass before the two main meals.
Normally you can lose 2 pounds this week. But keep in mind that each metabolism is different, and the figure may vary from person to person.
In addition to water eggplant, can also eat eggplant in his other forms: baked, cooked. As you want and whatever you like, but never crude. Eggplant in its raw form is toxic, since it contains an alkaloid called solanine, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

How can I prepare the water from eggplants?

It is very simple. Take a medium-sized eggplant, Peel the skin, wash it thoroughly and cut it into cubes.
Now pick up a pitcher that is dark and put half a liter of water, adding Eggplant cubes at the same time. You will have to let stand overnight, hence be indicated to make it from day to day taking advantage of the night so macerate correctly.
You can serve it with a little lemon juice and fresh. The flavor will be more special and you will add a greater dose of antioxidants. Remember to take it before the two main meals and always for a week. You can do this diet once a month. Little by little you will notice the results.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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