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Foods that can help us to lose weight

For all of us, it is important to maintain an excellent state of health, but as women we are also our image physical and aesthetic; we care much so this article will discuss foods that can help us to have a more slender shape. The food not only helps us be adequately healthy, but also strengthen our immune system, to keep us energetic and lose weight; that is what we will focus this time.
All persons usually eating a not-healthy unsuitable, such as fried foods, sweets, fats foods, among other things relatively harmful for our health and even our figure, so we must pay close attention to what they consume, in order to have a healthy diet, balanced and supported by a very significant amount of water.
Next we show a considerable amount of foods that may help us to lose weight, to have a better state of health and, in addition, a more slender shape.

1- Foods that help lose weight:

Foods that can help us to lose weight


Oatmeal is perfect for eating breakfast, even there is no one more appropriate that oats, as this will help us to start your day in the best possible way.
Another thing we must bear in mind is that the Oatmeal is very rich in fiber, which will help us have a better digestion and will help us to control our appetite in a natural way.


As a second choice when it comes to eating breakfast are eggs, and all you wonder: ' why eggs?» And cholesterol?» To tell the truth, the egg is a full of proteins, many vitamins and minerals. This helps us to keep muscle thin and also allows us to burn fat.
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Tofu is a nice option for people who tend to be vegetarian or simply don't like to eat meat. The most important thing to keep in mind of the Tofu is that it is low in fat and calories; that for obvious reasons will be very positive for our diet.


For starters it is a super delicious fruit, and best of all is its low content of calories, which makes it perfect to include in our diet. Apart from the named above grapefruit contains lycopene (antioxidant) that helps us to fight cancer.

Whole grain pasta:

Turn on variety of negative myths about the pasta, but it is not really as bad as they say evil tongues. The pasta contains fewer calories than the traditional pasta, contains no fat that invite to the cholesterol and compounds also help to improve the intestinal transit.

Foods that can help us to lose weight


This food contains starches which help to burn fat, also takes care of sending the message to the brain that we are already happy and makes it thanks to the natriuretic hormone production. Eat them cooked.


It is a fruit that contains approximately 84 milligrams of vitamin C, and this is more than the normal recommended daily quota. Here is a seemingly normal fruit, but vitamin C in these volumes helps to form carnitinina, which is a compound that transports fat to the cell mitochondria, which is used as energy during exercise; It is named above which makes the Kiwi in a spectacular choice for our daily diet.

2- Other important to lose weight (diuretic foods) foods:

They are highly recommended diet foods, but what more should keep in mind when having a diuretic foods diet is that a considerable amount of water (without going to overdo it, obviously), which can also be found distributed in juices and infusions should drink. These foods will help us put an end to the retention of fluids in our body.


Despite being a fruit with a large percentage of water, it stimulates the Elimination of fluids in the body, while providing the necessary nutrients for proper hydration.

Foods that can help us to lose weight

The tomato:

This promotes the functioning of the kidneys, so it helps to the rapid elimination of fluids and toxins from the body; highly recommended and mostly in a good salad.

To take into account...

You can have a very healthy diet, nutritious and beneficial for the body, but if not accompanied this diet a good workout you won't have the same results.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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