Monday, August 3, 2015

Different exercises to strengthen knees

One of the more complex articulations of our body, made up of cartilages, ligaments, bones are knees, patella, meniscus tears and muscles, among other parts; They are precisely the amount of components that make the knees to strengthen our daily movement activities, but are also those who expose them to suffer from a lot of suffering as for example a rupture of ligaments, meniscus damage, atrophy of ball joint and muscle problems.
Fortunately, there are a series of exercises that allow us to work the knees and strengthen them to prevent future injuries or reverse existing damage. Here are the best exercises to strengthen knees.

Different exercises to strengthen knees

1- Lower push-ups:

For this first exercise you must extend a mat or any surface where you can lie. When you're ready to begin, sit, bend knees towards the chest making a pose fetal with each of the legs. You can do this exercise leg by leg, although if you do it with the two at the time there was no problem.

2- Cunclillas or squats:

This exercise is very common and to do this you must open legs at the height of the shoulders, then slightly bend your knees and slowly lower. To be more clear, the exercise imitates the action get up and sit in a Chair. Remember that the squats are a great exercise strips, ideal for those who want to lose weight and tone up thighs, buttocks and legs.

3- Low squats:

The low squats are a very similar exercise to the squats normal mentioned above, but in this case runs from below upwards. It is located the body in the same way and perform several repetitions.

4- Medicine ball:

Medicine ball exercises have become very popular in recent years, as they have proven to be very effective in recovery after injury. Poised on a medicine ball exercises are considered as one of the best for the strengthening of the knees, because based on the balance, it helps with direct strengthening of muscles and ligaments in the knees.

Different exercises to strengthen knees

5- Trot with high leg:

This trot is to elevate the legs a little more above-normal, since in this way the joints and internal muscles of the knee, work with greater demand with every step that occurs.

6- Bicycle:

Bike exercises are aerobic activity of low impact that provides greater resistance to the ligaments and muscles that form the knees. This exercise is ideal to burn calories and increase lean muscle mass. This means that in addition to strengthening the knees, we are also working the rest of our body, to lose weight and tone up. It is ideal to start the exercise with a pre-heating for 5 minutes at a mild pace, then gradually increase the speed, according to the effort that you can make.

7- Walking lunges:

The lunge is another of those good exercises to strengthen knees and step tone thighs and buttocks. To do this you must stand up with feet together, preferably holding a pesita with each hand. Then takes the right leg forward and the body is lowered until the front thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep in mind that the hip and knee joints must form a 90 degree angle with the rest of the body well upright.
Push through your right foot, while you get the muscles of the leg to maintain an upright position, moving into another lunge left back leg. Repeat the exercise with both legs up to 10 trapping by leg. Rest a couple of minutes and get two sessions with slightly heavier weights to increase the resistance.

Different exercises to strengthen knees

8- Exercises in water:

Exercises such as swimming, help strengthen and are low-impact, i.e., which put less pressure on the joints while continuing to work with them. If you love swimming, try to make this exercise more often to have a knee stronger and step take advantage of other benefits that brings to the health. Nothing using different styles to work different muscle groups and step to strengthen other areas of the body.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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