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Benefits of massage regularly?

Not like who receive a good deep tissue massage and relaxing to let the problems and pains of side? Did you know that the massages have many more benefits than the "known"? Find them in the following article.
A day heavy at work, get up in a bad mood, headache a Contracture which does not let you in peace, an endless to-do list, hundreds of emails, housework, children... all discourage up to the most optimistic of the world. What to do in those cases? Take a deep breath and count up to one hundred, a good massage session would not come for anything wrong.
Stress is characterized by various aches and pains, and the muscle are among the top positions. Massages are used to get away this bad modern and offer many more benefits for your body.
There are different types of massages, each of them with own and common techniques. The best known today are: Thai, relaxing, Swedish, shiatsu, lymphatic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, oriental, therapeutic massage, chocolate therapy, for pregnant women, babies, descontracturant, Tantric.
Massage therapy is the most recommended when there is a medical condition, since unlike the therapeutic or relaxing, not focus only on muscle pain, but on other issues. The benefits of therapeutic massage are:

Improve the defenses (stimulating the immune system and preventing infections)
Relax muscles (eliminating muscle contractures)
Detoxify the body (improving blood circulation)
Prevent aging (nourish the body's cells)
Release tension (releasing the repressed inside)
Relieve headaches (toning and relaxing the nervous system)
Clarify the mind (helping to have more clarity and make better decisions)
Improve self-esteem (stimulating the confidence and self-esteem)
Treat depression (balancing the brain neurotransmitters)
Muscle-toning (keeping them nourished with a good blood supply)

Benefits of massage regularly?

1- Benefits of massages:

They relax the muscles: is not only because of the stress that it hurts your back, shoulders, neck, waist, etc. Also due to poor posture (be all day in front of the PC, for example), bad sleep, make some effort, lifting weight, etc. Muscle aches arise as a result of stress and a poor circulation of blood in that area. Thanks to massage these problems can be alleviated by stimulating blood flow and oxygen, for both "travel" throughout the body without obstacles.
They reduce the body aches: in the case of women, many experiencing big headaches the days prior to menstruation, but also (for men and women), abdominal discomfort in first instance and in other parts of the body are also suffering. These can be caused by a poor diet, little exercise, sitting long hours, drink little water, etc. Massage Act by stimulating these sore areas and activate the nerves to send signals to the brain, who is in charge of blocking pain.
Reduce stress: mentioned above but worth repeating it. Stress is the evil which brings more headaches and disorders to our life. Massages are used to forget even if for an hour (or what duration of the session) of the problems at work, with family, with the couple, accounts, etc. But also, help to relieve pressure that generate obligations and earrings in your life, relax your senses, allow you to sleep better, etc. They also help to reduce the levels of anxiety and nerves that afflict thousands of people and eliminate insomnia. At the same time, improve the State of alert, helping to be more accurate and fast to perform certain tasks, such as mathematical calculations. Removes headache, migraine headaches and migraines, even the Chronicles.
Improve the appearance of the skin: this is a massage to stimulate the circulation of blood throughout the body, being allies of any beauty treatment. The skin becomes softer, firmer and more beautiful. Ideal for those who suffer from acne, spots, wrinkles and lines of expression, aging, etc. Beauty and massages are "inseparable friends".
Remove the famous "knots": poor posture on the desktop for example, is what generates more these contractions that are popularly known as "knots". The muscles respond to our habits to contract for long periods, which causes headaches, agglomeration of muscle fibers and inflammation. Not allows us to concentrate on what we are doing and can limit us in our activities. These "plates" are mobilized through therapeutic massage and while it detoxifies the body, helping to relieve emotional tension as well as the physical.
Facilitate cancer treatments: massages are more than useful for those patients who should be treated certain serious diseases such as cancer, especially in cases of chemotherapy. Massage sessions help relieve pain, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety.
They allow weight loss: If the problem of overweight is due to the accumulation of fluid, lymph massage serve to eliminate all that which "is" in the body. Is also very good for women who are pregnant or who have given birth recently, to which were operated or suffer from gout, etc.
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