Thursday, August 6, 2015

3 healing smoothies for irritable bowel syndrome

Suffer from irritable bowel syndrome is, lately, something quite frequent. We don't have clear yet what are the causes giving rise to it; Sometimes it is stress, infections or reactions to certain foods. Whatever it is, it's a reality with accused symptoms that make it difficult for our everyday life.
What can we do? As always, will be our doctor who offers us the guidelines that we follow. Meanwhile, at home, we can prepare these easy and healthy smoothies that will alleviate your discomfort. Discover them

1- Liquid Aloe vera and kiwi:

3 healing smoothies for irritable bowel syndrome

How do I prepare the smoothie?:

1 tablespoon of gel of aloe vera (Aloe Vera) (20g).
A kiwi.
A glass of water.
You already know the many benefits of aloe vera. It is one of the most suitable plants to treat irritable bowel syndrome due to their anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces the rate of bacteria that could make you sick our colon.
On the other hand, aloe, to decompose, does not emit gas as other foods. This allows you to exercise a moisturizing and curative action for the walls of the intestine, which in turn, allows us to that other compounds are better synthesize.
Combined with kiwi juice, you'll get a smoothie full of vitamins and very soft and digestive. It is easy to prepare: just heat a cup of water and dilute the spoonful of aloe vera in it.
Once dissolved, add the kiwi smoothie. You can include a tablespoon of honey, which will make it much more enjoyable. As a final piece of advice, keep in mind one fact: take these warm, or cold smoothies and not hot. You digest better.

2-  Chamomile and papaya Smoothie:

3 healing smoothies for irritable bowel syndrome

How do I prepare the smoothie:

3 slices of papaya
1 Chamomile teabag.
1 sachet of mint tea.
A few drops of lemon juice.
A tablespoon of honey.
A glass of water (200 ml).
An essential blending to take every day when we wake up. We will achieve to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and the classic swelling. Papaya is one of the most digestive fruits with papain. We will digest it well and it will relieve us enough.
Also emphasize the multiple benefits of the Mint to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Its oil contains menthol, something that is going to enable control muscle contractions of the intestines, relaxing them and relieving pain.
And what virtue is Chamomile? Relieves the sensation of swelling, soothes, relaxes and regulates the traditional processes of constipation or diarrhea that are experienced during the irritable bowel syndrome. It is properly the inflammation and has no negative effect.
To prepare it you don't just get the papaya smoothie. Apart, we will be getting the dejection of mint and Chamomile with a glass of water boiling. Once ready, we mix both elements: papaya and medicinal plants. Accompany it with a little honey and you will see how it relaxes. It is perfect to take in the morning.

3- Liquefied watermelon, pear, and lemon balm:

3 healing smoothies for irritable bowel syndrome

How do I prepare the smoothie?

A slice of watermelon.
A bag of lemon balm infusion.
A glass of water (200 ml)
The simple fact of combining fruit with medicinal plants will support much treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. We promote the sedative, anti-inflammatory and healing action. Lemon balm is an excellent relaxing, effectively prevent us to suffer cramps or these intestinal contractions that cause so much pain.
PEAR, for its part, is one of those fruits so medicinal it worthwhile to consume each day. Rich in vitamins and minerals, is as digestive that we will not cause any damage. We will tolerate it well and we will benefit above all from its natural treasure of b complex vitamins
Include in this Smoothie watermelon is a success. We hydrate, it is diuretic and rich in vitamins and minerals. We will tolerate it very well and it will favour also the inflammation of the colon. To avail of these components, we will make a simple Smoothie with two fruits.
Remember to add the lemon balm infusion. Mix it with a glass of hot water and allows you to make the infusion. Once ready add the PEAR and watermelon juice. You'll see how you is very nice and really tolerate it well. He recalls once more take these warm milkshakes. If they are very hot or very cold will notice it our intestines. We hope that you will help.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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