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How often we should wash your hair?

Tallow hydrates our skin and hair. Without this, the skin can dry out and fall prematurely, leaving the cells exposed to the elements. But it is not be allowing tallow to accumulate in the hair and skin while washing it constantly and let fat-free? Our bathroom routines and washing of the hair are based on a system of detachment of the skin and hair of its natural oils through the shampoo and then replacing them with moisturizers and conditioners. We carry out this ritual, usually daily, for a couple of reasons: for Western standards, the appearance of hair grease is usually unacceptable, as well as not showering for more than one couple of days. But in reality, do you know how often we must wash our hair?

How often we should wash your hair?

1- Use shampoo or not?

The use of daily shampoo is relatively new. In the 1950s, it was common for women to wash and peinaran hair once a week, usually in hairdressing. However, with the passage of the years, this habit was modified by the daily use of shampoo at home. But we must use shampoo every day?
The answer to this question is based on personal preference. Even among doctors who specialize in skin, hair and scalp there is disagreement about the usefulness of the shampoo and how often it should be used. Some advise against the frequent use of shampoo, pointing out that it leads to the overproduction of sebum to compensate its constant disposal. Others say that the shampoo is necessary to avoid collecting the sebum in the pores and hair follicles which lead to the skin such as acne problems.
Regardless of tastes, in the year 2007 was a makeshift study when a guest of a radio program of Australia mentioned that had not washed hair in a decade. Once they entered several calls to the program, published a challenge for six weeks without use of shampoo which involved 500 listeners. After this time without using shampoo, 86 per cent of respondents reported that their hair was not worse or better than it was when used shampoo regularly.

How often we should wash your hair?

2- Opinions differ:

Then, what so often we really wash our hair? It is not an easy answer, but right thing would be to say that it depends on who ask you and what hair is.
If you have fine hair is more likely to make your hair look bad the day after washing by what may be washed more frequently. For curly, thick, hair on the other hand, wash it every 3 days more or less may be a better idea. Some people find that their hair is more manageable and looks better the day after washing it, since it is too soft and loose on the day of the washed.
According to some experts, a good point of reference for hair washing is done twice per week or when one feels that the hair needs it. If you have very thick, long, curly hair and it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of time in the washing, drying and arrangement of hair, so a good washing weekly can be enough. However, there are others advise to wash it every day.
The truth is that the ideal is to observe the behavior of your scalp and adjust the toilet to your needs. If you notice that you have oily hair, you can opt to wash it every day, but to do so, the ideal is to use soft shampoos, since washing the hair every day with a strong shampoo, can damage it. Furthermore, if your dry hair you can wash your hair less often and, instead of using a shampoo, use a nourishing conditioner or some other product that most moisturize our hair.
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