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5 ways to prevent hair loss

The fall of hair and your health is something that worries everyone. There are many people who day by day as they are losing it, as it opens more than normal. Can we remedy this? It is true that genetic component has much weight, but we can take advantage of other factors to prevent it. We give you five good advice.

1- Tips to fight against hair loss:

5 ways to prevent hair loss

1. A proper diet:

Having a few good nutrients, without any lack of minerals, will help us to maintain the health of our hair. You should know that if, for example, we have iron deficiency, our hair will look weak and brittle, and therefore fall more. The same goes for zinc.
There is also another essential component that, if we need in our body, we will suffer a fall of hair, nails, and skin problems weakness. And which component is? Biotin. And where we can find it to take a good supplement it? Notes:

Beef liver: don't worry, you don't have many fats. But a very high dose of biotin, minerals and vitamins essential to the health of your hair. It's worth the time.
The Bluefish.
Brewer's yeast.
The walnuts.
The brown rice.
The tomatoes.
The banana.
The peas.
Another element that you must not neglect, is the cysteine. It's a basic amino acid for the formation of the hair. It does grow and strengthens it. It is worth also take this into account. You can find it easily using the following foods:
The eggs.
The Turkey.
The chicken.
The broccoli.

2. Remedy with Apple Cider vinegar:

A remedy see really simple and effective. Apple Cider vinegar promotes our scalp circulation, oxygenates it and stimulates it. Hence, it is very suitable to get a massage with a vaporizer, which enter half cup of vinegar with water medium. You apply with damp hair, massaging 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. What if we do it twice a week?

5 ways to prevent hair loss

3. The remedy of the stinging nettle:

It is worth to take this into account. Nettles are healing and medicinal plants used since ancient times for many applications. It acts as stimulating capillary and Strengthener. There are many shampoos and creams made with nettles. Then how can benefit us of them? Through an infusion. It adds about five nettles in a glass of water boiling. It allows you to stand and to lower the temperature. Once tempered, apply it on wet hair to take action about 20 minutes. We can do it twice a week. The results are noticeable.

4. The remedy of the Aloe Vera:

Soprendida? Surely not. Each day there are more the virtues that are discovered this wonderful and medicinal plant. Aloe vera ida our scalp neck, heals it, repair it and stimulates the growth of hair to nourish to benefit from it we don't have rather than remove the juice or gel translucent for a piece of the plant. Then, We have to mix it with a glass of hot water and dilute it, to then apply it in our damp hair with a light massage. You don't have more to leave to act twenty minutes and... ready. Rinse with warm water and use your shampoo ever. Do it twice a week? Excellent!

5 ways to prevent hair loss

5. Remedy of coconut milk and carrot:

They are two elements that act as great nutrients for hair. Both coconut milk and carrot have vitamin B, essential to the health and growth of the hair. I am sure that you will not be difficult to obtain coconut milk. Once achieved, make this remedy you don't need more than a medium-sized carrot that we will mix with the milk thanks to the blender. Mix both ingredients until you get a sort of blending of attractive Orange tone, which we will use as moisturizing tonic well.
Just as we have done with the previous remedies, this also apply it on wet hair. We put it slowly massaging well and slowly. Allows you to act 20 minutes. To make you easier you can use a cap shower that contain better in our hair tonic. Then, rinse with warm water and wash normally. Very easy and useful. Excellent also if do two days a week.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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