Thursday, June 4, 2015

3 easy ways to overcome everyday anxiety

All suffer anxiety to a greater or lesser extent. The problem comes when this so negative mental experience starts to become chronic and put walls in our life. To overcome it, we need a clear determination and conviction that we can not keep on like this. It is bad for our health and our emotional stability... Therefore, we then give you 3 strategies that will be useful in your day to day.

3 easy ways to overcome everyday anxiety

1- I neither flee I nor hide:

Two of the biggest mistakes in the fall that are usually the people who suffer from anxiety, are the following:

Do not confront these dimensions of their lives that cause them anxiety. On occasions, we believe that it is better to avoid this source of stress. We carry us back not knowing that, with this, you hurt your heart and your mind aprisionas.
The second mistake is to hide in other dimensions in which to find a false relief. There is who is desahoga eating. It is common for people with high degree of anxiety to eat poorly and in high amounts. There are others who smoke, and others seeking relief in the game world. They are giving a false pleasure and aspects that make us "forget".
Do not run away: faces. Don't hide: channels. We will begin by recognizing what are those hot spots that cause us stress and anxiety. Work? Your partner? It assumes and seeks improvement strategies.
Then, to channel and let escape this anxiety is ideal to practice some sport. Go out to walk, listen to music, practicing yoga, talk with someone that will help you... what you think that it will allow you to "unlock" the burden.

3 easy ways to overcome everyday anxiety

2- Forbidden to say "I can't":

We know that confront our fears cost. Feasible solutions to those elements that generate our anxiety is not easy. That is why I recommend to follow these simple steps:

You will not win anything in the situation where you are. Anxiety takes away health and engulfs our happiness. Is it worth it? Certainly not. Then, it assumes that there is something that you must change your life.
You need to be brave, but not a hero who is thrown into the void without knowing. It should be cautious and go by small daily changes to achieve that final goal. If you are bad at work, try to talk to your boss to find some improvement. If you are wrong with your partner, tell him how you feel.
Now it becomes aware that it is forbidden to say "I can't". Of course you're going to find strength to tell these people how you feel. And of course you're going to be able to improve your situation. You deserve to be happy, and with a "can't" you won't just put more walls to your life. Throw them down, catches air, breathe... I know positive.

3 easy ways to overcome everyday anxiety

3- Yes to the illusion and not frustration:

Immobility, not to assume that there is something that us halts, which weakens us and that it inoculates us that anxiety, it will undoubtedly that, ultimately, this problem becomes chronic.
Do you know what are the consequences of chronic anxiety?
Fear takes over daily us. Us paralysed.
We suffer tremors, palpitations and we become very vulnerable.
We suffer a drop of defenses, so we suffer more diseases that sometimes can be serious.
If a very serious anxiety, it is possible to choose to not leave the House. Lock ourselves to protect us from a world to which we have not been able to face.
No one wants this. No one deserves to live frustrated's lifetime, victim of their fears.It returned to inspire you, even for simple things. Forces searched these illusions to feel enough strength to open the door and say, simply, "here I am".
I deserve better find me and I'll get.
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