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Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease in women (PID)

It is possible that you've heard of pelvic inflammatory disease. It is quite common and it is caused by an infection in the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries, he studied with enough discomfort and, in particular, with a characteristic pain in the pelvis or hip.
What is its origin? Bacteria. Elements that infect our sexual organs originating this fairly common disease among us. Not treated on time, it can cause very serious problems as, for example, infertility. It is worth then know your symptoms and, above all, be able to prevent it for the sake of our health. We give details below.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease in women (PID) pain  flat stomach

1-What is pelvic inflammatory disease?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a gynaecological condition which affects both our sexual organs and tissues around. We can suffer an infection in the fallopian tubes, in the womb or ovaries, which can radiate pain to the hip. This is why, normally, many women mistake it occasionally with a sore joint or wear. You must be careful.
Normally the disease is effectively treated with antibiotics, but not to do so, not treated on time, it can cause very serious problems like which you have pointed out before: infertility or, even, pregnancies that do not come to term.
The origins of pelvic inflammatory disease are multiple. Takes note of the main causes that can cause it:
Std: bacteria diseases of sexual transmission, such as chlamydia infection, are the most common causes of this disease.
Some contraceptive methods may also be a probable cause. The women who, for example, to use an intrauterine device (IUD), tend to have one greater risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, which the who don't use it.
Be careful also with the so-called "douche". Remember that this intimate part of our body should be treated with delicacy and, sometimes, this type of cleaning can cause more risks than benefits.
It is important to also maintain proper hygiene during menstruation because, sometimes, can also be an important source of bacteria.
The process of childbirth, or even having an abortion can also cause this disease.
Surgical interventions in the uterus from the vagina, are also a risk which we must bear in mind.
Sometimes our cervix mucous membranes can suffer an increase in alkalinity, giving rise to a number of bacteria that can make you sick.
The presence of benign tumors such as fibroids or polyps is also a noteworthy cause.
Suffer irregularities in menstruation is very common: heavy periods, delays and headaches...We explain the causes and the symptoms so you can have them in mind.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease in women (PID) pain  flat stomach

2-Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease:

We must take into account an important aspect: sometimes, this disease can be attended without symptoms. Hence the importance of making us periodic because, as you know, the EIP can cause us serious problems. However, most of the time usually give clear clues, discomfort very relevant that we will put on notice. Notes:
Severe pain in the hip, both on one side and another. It is a stinging nuisance that causes fatigue and the need to resort to a painkiller or a soothing.
The pain can happen also to the belly. We feel a very characteristic heaviness and heartburn.
This disease presents with an infection and, therefore, it is usual to have some tenths of a fever. Just have two-tenths to seek medical advice.
You must be attentive to your vaginal secretions, especially if the smell is very strong and unpleasant. It is not normal.
Also aware of your menstruation. Are they irregular? Do you have delays? Do you bleed out your period? Then put it to the attention of your physician.
If your sex is painful, it goes also to your gynecologist. It's a sign that you should keep in mind.
Do you feel pain when you urinate? You feel much urgency and when you go to the bathroom unable to do more than "a few drops"? If so, ask for appointment with your doctor.
You have without knowing why, feel bloated nausea or even vomiting after meals are, without doubt, symptoms as serious enough to put us on alert.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease in women (PID) pain  flat stomach

3-How can we prevent pelvic inflammatory disease?

Take care of your sexual relationships, as well as contraceptive methods you choose to use.
Maintain adequate personal hygiene. On occasions, we can exceed using products that alter the correct natural balance of vaginal bacterial flora.
Estate to any variation that you notice in your menstrual cycle or vaginal discharge. Before any problem or concern that you feel, put it to the attention of your physician.
Salvia infusion. This medicinal plant has a long tradition as a protector of women. Sage regulates our menstruation, relieves pains, helps us to maintain a flat stomach, us desinflama and prevents fluid retention. It is worth taking a cup a day.
Periodic inspections with your Gynecologist are key to prevent the advance of such diseases. If we detect them in time, we will avoid major complications, so do not hesitate or have any kind of fear. Your health and well-being are worth it.
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