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Stimulating smoothies with fruit

A smoothie is essentially a milkshake. Unlike the fruit juices or smoothies, in which the fiber is removed from the elements which compose them, in the smoothies is maintained all the fiber of its components. Both the juices and smoothies are extremely healthy and are included in the supply raw vegan, in addition to be an easy option to provide large amount of energy to the body. Here we teach you how to make fruit smoothies with stimulants.

Stimulating smoothies with fruit Shakes for weight loss Green Smoothies Recipe in english

1-Benefits of stimulating smoothies with fruit:

They help to have an easily digestible and accumulation of nutrients, because they use a base of fruit and green leaves, if already by itself are digestive, crushed even more.
They are an energy intake by double-entry. On the one hand, the Agency saves is part of the digestive process, and on the other the milkshakes are a contribution of vitamins and minerals.
They help cleanse the digestive system, thanks to the fiber that is as a broom.
They help to eliminate toxins, since it is a short digestive process, coupled with the cleansing properties of fruit and vegetables, make the body to dispose toxins that sometimes don't have time to delete.
They are easily prepared. Prepare in two minutes and can replace breakfast, lunch or dinner (as long as obtain a contribution of proteins in other meals). Thus enough time to do other things and take more time and also you can prepare in the morning and consume it at noon, to retain all the fiber, the time that can pass before rust is greater.
They are a simple way to receive the daily nutritional contributions of fruit and vegetables.
He satisfies both as a complete meal.
Present in the green leaf chlorophyll alkalizes the pH, clean the intestine tissues, purifies the liver and provides iron.

2-Types of stimulants smoothies with fruit:

Stimulating smoothies with fruit Shakes for weight loss Green Smoothies Recipe in english

Fruit smoothies:

made from blending or pureed fruit. Especially notable for its sweet taste.

Green Smoothies:

its base is made of green vegetables, such as spinach, so it normally acquire a dark green color.
Healthy Smoothies:
these Smoothies are aimed to optimize the nutritional content and provide the daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients naturally.

Shakes for weight loss:

these shakes excluded any kind of added sugar and healthy fats (such as seeds of flax or of almond cream) can be added to it to help satiate the appetite. Some added green tea or coffee, which have contained caffeine and also help reduce appetite, but they are also diuretic, so it should not be abused.

How to prepare a stimulating smoothie with fruit?

The recipe base consists of rolling Greens, fruit and water. They can be added to sweetened nuts (which also have protein) or dates. It is ideal to use as a base for mixing only one type of fruit or two as much to facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients.
The easier the body, have it better. If various fruits are mixed it is convenient not to mix sweet with acid. Any type, e.g. lettuce, chard, parsley, cabbage, beets, cilantro, celery leaves sheet can be used as green leaves... The ideal proportion for mixing is more or less 70% fruit and 30% green leaf and per liter of churning about two cups of water, although this will vary according to the smoothie thicker or more liquid you want.
As for the mixer, if it has more power, better, so will be thinner smoothie. The glass are the most practical, although any hand serves.

Stimulating smoothies with fruit Shakes for weight loss Green Smoothies Recipe in english

3-Ideas to prepare stimulating smoothies with fruit:

Here are some ideas for fruit and vegetable smoothies:
Apple, pear and orange juice
Banana with celery leaves
Kiwi, pineapple, coconut, ginger and spinach water
Strawberries, Orange and lettuce
Strawberries and sugar beet leaves
Pears with fennel and Basil
Apples, pears, celery and parsley
Mangoes, bananas and cabbage
Papaya, strawberries, and cilantro
Pineapple, cucumber, chard and Mint
Green Apple, lemon and spinach
Melon, mint and Arugula
You can add more ingredients, remove several... dare to create your own smoothies!
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


  1. It is so good to know all these benefits of stimulating smoothies with fruits. They seem quite healthy and yummy as well. I would like to try this recipe. I always take care of my health and take important nutrients in the form of smoothies and Green supplements.