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Oily hair: remedies to combat excess sebum

Greasy hair is that small sentence faced by many people. Excess sebum subtracts beauty to our hair, that nuance that gives us a look neglected despite having clean hair care. What can we do? We give you a few tips below.

Oily hair: remedies to combat excess sebum combat the oily hair Excess grease

1-Tips to combat the oily hair:

We do not know what to do. Greasy hair is that nuance that requires us to test multiple cosmetics and treatments, that small curse that makes that a few hours of having us washing hair, starts to cake and lose their natural beauty. But, why does it occur? Greasy hair basically has the following sources:
Genetic inheritance.
A wrong diet, too high in fat.
High levels of stress.
Hormonal problems: especially when we are in our teens, is very typical.
Some medicines.
Very fine hair.
Use too many cosmetics that alter the pH of the skin.

Solution 1: tomato:

For this remedy, we will need a ripe tomato.
We cut it in half and get the juice inside, put it in a bowl with half a glass of water. In this way, we eliminate a little its acidity. But not everything, and that measure acidity intermediate, is what we need.
What we do now? We started with dry hair, soak a cotton pad with the juice of tomato on our scalp. It must touch the skin.
Now we get a shower CAP and leave it to act at least half an hour.
Passed this time, we wash normal hair, apply yourself always products.
Remember that when you seques hair with the towel, you should not rub too.
Do it at least a three times a week: the tomato is very suitable to care for oily hair, thanks to its acidity and its ability to balance the pH level of the scalp and to control the excessive secretion of sebum. You'll see how well you will.

Oily hair: remedies to combat excess sebum combat the oily hair Excess grease

Solution 2: apple cider vinegar, and lemon:

A glass of warm, never hot water.
The juice of half a lemon.
3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
A warm infusion of 5 mint leaves.
This remedy has clear astringent properties. The lemon and vinegar are wonderful for the hair and to prevent the production of sebum, like mint. To do so, first thing we do is the infusion of leaves of mint, with medium Cup is enough. Add it to a glass of warm water and half juice lemon. Finally, add the teaspoons of Apple Cider vinegar.
We will do the same as with the remedy of tomato. Put it in a bowl and apply it with the help of a cotton in our dry hair, ensuring that you soak the scalp.
Leave Act half an hour, then, wash normally. It is very effective. But remember first and foremost that the water of this remedy must be always warm. Be hot it can cause the appearance of sebum once more.

Oily hair: remedies to combat excess sebum combat the oily hair Excess grease

Solution 3: Aloe vera and Rosemary:

One tablespoon of aloe vera gel
A glass of warm water
3 branches of Rosemary
This remedy is also as simple as cash. These three presented here you can use that you like or that you easier. To do this we are going to be based first and foremost on the benefits of Aloe Vera or aloe vera, do you know why? Because it has properties that are wonderful to reduce Sebaceous secretions, in addition, hydrates the capillary fibers in depth, making the hair look more healthy and shiny.
As for Rosemary, it is a classic for hair treatment, in addition to stimulating the growth of hair, normalizes capillary sebum production, reducing it little by little. Why be so appropriate to combine these two products.
We will start making an infusion with Rosemary. Put the 3 sprigs in a glass of water boiling and allow to draw its essence. Once added a spoonful of aloe gel vera, translucent gel of the center of the plant. Removes well so everything is homogeneous. Once it is warm - never hot, remember - you apply it with the help of a cotton ball in your dry hair and leave Act, one more time, half an hour. Then, wash your hair normally. You will see how gradually you can combat the annoying greasy hair. We try it?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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