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How to remove nasal congestion in less than a minute

Nasal congestion is an annoyance of health that occurs when the mucous membranes of the nose become inflamed as a result of the presence of germs and allergens. Triggered by several factors, and usually so annoying that prevents many carry out their daily activities as normal.
Nasal congestion is often a symptom that indicates that we are next to suffer a flu, a cold, or other diseases. It can also occur by some type of allergy, climate change or pollution, among others. Whatever the cause of nasal congestion, most of us feel very uncomfortable when we suffer, because it prevents that we breathe normally and it can even trigger strong headaches.

How to remove nasal congestion in less than a minute causes combat of congestion or runny nose  Colds or asthma Flu

1-What are the main causes of congestion or runny nose?

As we mentioned previously, nasal congestion is a common symptom of colds, flu, or allergies. It is very important to take into account what is your kind of cause to act against it and find the best remedy to combat it.
Cold: The cold is one of the main causes of nasal congestion. When we suffer from colds, we started to feel irritation in the nose and sneezing is common in intervals of 5 minutes.
Allergies: Many people have different types of allergies that produce them often nasal congestion. There are people who are allergic to chalk, pollen, the dust or dirt, or hair from pets, among others. This type of congestion occurs because the lungs try to close as a method of defense against these agents considered dangerous. In this case, also we can take into account the sneezing to know if it is an allergy or an upset.
Climate change: due to a sudden climate change can be lowering our defences or cause any type of allergy. Likewise, nasal congestion can appear immediately after a stream of air.
Taking into account the type of cause of nasal congestion, we must begin to seek appropriate ways to combat it. Where possible, we must fight his cause to end entirely with the symptom. However, as we know that it is very difficult to get rid out of this, we share a great alternative to get rid of this annoying symptom in just a minute.
After seeing this excellent alternative to combat nasal congestion, already you won't use drugs to deal with this problem. This is an easy, healthy and very effective solution to combat the problems of nasal secretion.

How to remove nasal congestion in less than a minute causes combat of congestion or runny nose  Colds or asthma Flu

2-How do you combat the runny nose in one minute?

Although it seems incredible the fact of being able to cure nasal congestion in just a minute, the truth is that it is possible thanks to a technique of acupressure that shares the traditional Chinese medicine. This simple technique is ideal to relieve different types of pain, while it has the ability to uncover the nostrils.
Acupressure is a very effective technique that involves pressure on certain points of the body with the fingertips, in such a way that the area is pressed and is released. It must be performed three times a day.
1 pressure point. Ear lobe: is massaged gently 10 times.
2 pressure point. Behind the earlobe, at the bottom, just under the cartilage: is pressed and has released 10 times, without making any pressure directly on the cartilage.
3 pressure point. Above the bridge of the nose, right between the eyebrows: make a slight pressure on this area of the face for one minute. This point is especially ideal for avoiding that the sinuses are dry and swell.
4 pressure point. Under cheeks, just at the point that lies directly beneath the pupil of the eye: in this area of the face is pressed upwards and is released. This pressure point helps to release the sinuses to combat congestion.
5 pressure point. Bottom of the nostrils: placing the fingertips in the lower part of the nasal cavity, pushing gently with a rotating motion, and is repeated 10 times in a row.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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