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How to clean your liver to lose weight

Maintain a healthy liver and free of toxins is, without doubt, an essential step to losing weight slowly and effectively. But sometimes, the nourish us with incorrect mode we can pass a high invoice in our health. We offer you therefore, simple guidelines to debug this body, yourself and lose weight.

How to clean your liver to lose weight green leafy vegetables green tea olive oil with lemon

Relationship between the liver and the inability to lose weight:

I am sure that has happened to you more than once. We strive to follow a diet, do exercise, passed even hunger, and however, the scale still does not tell us that we are losing kilos. Why does it occur? Why our shape, our body does not eliminate nor a single gram of fat?
Many doctors and nutritionists are clear: if we take care of the liver not properly, this is intoxicates, overload, you can return even too fatty. All this often results in obesity. In addition, we cannot ignore the fact that if the liver overload our immune system will begin to weaken and will suffer many more diseases. Is it worth it? Of course not.
At the same time, must not forget that obesity exerts a dangerous spiral in turn: the accumulation of fat or excess of adipose tissue in the body promotes many liver diseases such as fatty liver, cardiovascular, and diabetes; but at the same time, the presence of lipids and toxins in the liver makes us more problematic the fact of losing weight.
It should be noted, moreover, that the liver is the principal body that burns fat. It is necessary that both he and the gallbladder should work as a team to process and debug the fats. If both are filled with toxins can never properly execute their work. So it is worth applying to our daily lives the following tips for maintaining healthy both the liver and the gallbladder and thus, lose weight so more healthy.
Options for debugging your liver, and lose weight

1. Avocados:

It is very beneficial to consume half avocado a day or one medium-sized. It is one of those enormously healthy fruits able to purge toxins from our body, provide beneficial fats and, in addition, to cleanse our body. Include it in your salads, in your breakfast. Taken in balanced way you can afford to lose weight.

2. Whole grains:

Consume, for example, wheat, barley, oats, whole-grain bread, brown rice... etc, is a great success. Its secret lies in its wealth of vitamins of the B complex, that improve the metabolism of the fats in general and liver function that allows us to strengthen and and congest the liver. They will help you to lose weight and also take care of your health.

How to clean your liver to lose weight green leafy vegetables green tea olive oil with lemon

3. The benefits of green tea:

You already know many of the benefits of green tea. It is this beverage rich in antioxidants which help us to debug, which speeds up the metabolism, which, thanks to its catechins, improves the functioning of the liver. Worth taking in our breakfast or either a half later. Green tea never fails, is that delicious and appropriate remedy that will help you.

4. The healthy grapes:

White grapes, grapes purple... no matter. They are a natural treasure of antioxidants that trigger the production of bile and the role that detoxifies the liver. They have in addition to anti-ageing and protective properties of our heart, thanks to its high content in a powerful anti-oxidant, resveratrol. It is one of those most suitable fruit for our health. Do not hesitate.

5. A Green Apple a day:

We have discussed this on more than one occasion, Green apples, like the Grany Smith, are these essential pieces to start the day. They contain pectin and chemical components that help the body remove toxins from the digestive tract. All this facilitates the work of the liver and, consequently, allows us to lose weight.
6. beetroot and carrot juice
You also know it. This natural juice, as well as tasty, really healthy. It allows us to lose weight, helps us to debug and is also very rich in flavonoids and beta-carotene. Both help to stimulate and improve liver function. A natural remedy that many people put into practice at least 3 times a week. Are you also one of them?

7. The green leafy vegetables:

Spinach, watercress, Brussels sprouts, Arugula, Escarole... are ideal for cleaning the liver. In addition, its chlorophyll content allows us to absorb toxins from the bloodstream and go very effectively cleaning the body, helping our liver in its functions.

How to clean your liver to lose weight green leafy vegetables green tea olive oil with lemon

8. The cure of the olive oil with lemon:

You have spoken on occasion of this simple cure for your tomorrows. Just a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 3 drops of lemon juice. So we treat our body of toxins, the intestine, the colon is cleansed, acts as a good tonic, a great digestive and in addition, it will provide you suitable fatty acids and many vitamins. Something so simple and inexpensive will make you much more than a drug. Care for your liver, and allows you to lose weight. Try it!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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