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Ham and Zucchini rolls

If you're thinking about making a delicious snack, but you are short of ideas, we bring you these delicious ham and Zucchini rolls. Normally we stop doing things that are actually very simple, because we ended up complicating us making lists and menus, so we bring you a recipe that is very easy to prepare and with which you will obtain an exquisite results.
The rolls is a dish that allows many variations, virtually any ingredient you decide to add it, will be well accepted, provided that there is a balance in the flavors. One of the more common options is precisely that brings together the ham and cheese, but to give it that extra touch, we decided to add Zucchini, so let's get to work:

Ham and Zucchini rolls

Ham and Zucchini rolls toast bread snack Recipe in english


Mozzarella cheese
Sliced bread
Olive oil
Butter (optional)


Short the zucchini into very thin slices, should be sufficiently flexible as to power them bend without that this represents no problem (for example that break in half). This step is also performed with the cheese, to save time, you can use a cheese that already come in sheets, as it is the case of the cheese to prepare sandwiches.
We now proceed, carefully, put a layer of Zucchini along with a layer of cheese and a ham, ensuring that it is the zucchini that is at the top of the roll. Wind them starting with the ends and attempts are very compact, otherwise run the risk that they disrupt or build up too much oil. Once have rolled them subject each roll with a wooden stick.
Put to heat a generous amount of the olive oil in a frying pan for frying, let it warm over low heat. Passes flour through a colander or sieve to remove lumps and then each of the rolls flour, shake them to remove all the excesses.
Beat an egg until the yolk and white, integrates well if you want to add a little salt to add a bit of flavor to the dish. Now pass your rolls breaded eggs and FRY in the hot oil.Dales constantly turn to achieve they fry evenly and retiralos from skillet, when they are browned on all sides. Let them stand for a few moments on a napkin or paper towel to kitchen, to remove the excess grease.
In addition, melt a little butter and put the pan on this. Let take a golden color. Once remove the bread from the fire, put this on your rolls. This is wrapping them with the bread, for this you must not let it roast too. However, If you prefer the bread well-roasted, you can simply put the rolls on the bread and use it to decorate. If you wrap the bread, then you must secure with toothpick that you've placed in your rolls previously.
Now you can serve them in this way, or accompany them with any green salad, delicious and will also be an excellent appetizer to accompany your more elaborate dishes.

Ham and Zucchini rolls toast bread snack Recipe in english

Additional tips:

The ham you select to make this recipe, can be of your choice. However, you must keep in mind the preparation times, because it will affect the outcome of the recipe.
To decorate you can put over a layer of mozzarella cheese, or if you prefer Parmesan cheese. Preheat the oven for a few minutes at 150 degrees, if your oven has the option to put it only to Brown using it. Takes your rolls in the oven for a few minutes, just the time suitable so that the cheese is melted and Brown.
If you want to maximize the flavor of the ham, you can Fry lightly in butter for a few seconds and use the butter to toast the bread.
Cut the slices as thin as possible, is also important because it significantly reduces the preparation time at the time of frying them.
You can replace the salt dipping rolls in a little broth with meat and toss to remove excess moisture, you must do this before the flour.
The amount of ham and Zucchini you use will depend on the portions you want to prepare.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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