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9 herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety

In the society in which we live in today, it is very common to "lose his head" with problems, the obligations, stress, work, pressures, competition, stimuli every minute, etc. Although the ideal would be to go to live in the country and no more work, this is not possible for the vast majority of human beings. At least, we can use herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety. Meet the best in the next article!

9 herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety Combat stress Relax each night Relieve stomach spasms

1-Plants with tranquilizers to nervous and anxious properties:

For many reasons we can feel with many nerves or anxiety and this brings negative consequences for our organism. Perhaps you've changed jobs, are afraid of being fired, are about to get married, have a first date with someone that you really like, you are starting a business or have a very difficult exam. In all these cases (and others also) can take advantage of the benefits of mother nature. Learn about herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety:

Passion flower:

It has direct action in the central nervous system and, at the same time, relax the muscles. By consuming passion flower, all nerve-related pain is attenuated as, for example, the of the cervical (by poor posture). This herb is also indicated for headaches and menstrual cramps. Tincture of Passionflower in the naturist or dietary homes can be purchased and consumed some drops dissolved in water, tea or orange juice.


As described in traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng serves to balance the yin and yang within our body. Produces no nervousness or excitement, as thought popularly, but quite the opposite, because it stimulates people depressed, sad, or with chronic fatigue. At the same time produces a sedative effect in stressed or anxious patients. Also it is advisable to consume the ginseng in the form of tincture (pure extract preserved with alcohol and water): dilute a few drops in a glass of water, juice or tea.

Lemon verbena:

It has several properties. Among them, relax the body, serves for stress-related problems, nerves and anxiety, as well as insomnia. Some people consume it because it has digestive properties, eliminates intestinal gas (a carminative is) and prevents or relieves cramps (antispasmodic is). Use the fresh leaves to flavor various dishes or garnish lemonades and fruit juices. If you get the dry leaves, you can enjoy them in tea (a handful per cup of water boiling). You can combine the lemon verbena with Valerian, Chamomile or Mint Penny-royal.

9 herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety Combat stress Relax each night Relieve stomach spasms

St. John plant:

Also it is called St. John's Wort and provides many nutrients, such as flavoring. However, the most important compound Hyperion, thank you are inhibited to which the actions of an enzyme called dopamine. As a result, this brings a better mood. It also decreases the production of adrenalin, still very good plant to treat anxiety, nerves and depression. You can get the plant of San Juan in the form of essential oil, which is used topically through circular massage. Remember mixed with almond or olive oil. Another alternative is through aromatherapy, warm a few drops of the oil on a stove or a burner of essences. Some people use St. John's wort tea, with some leaves per cup of boiling water (not more than three cups a day).


It is one of the most well-known herbs to treat the nerves and anxiety. The flowers are used to reduce the stress, because it has a calming effect. Serves to reconcile the dream and promote the good rest. It is recommended to reduce menstrual pain. Performs an infusion with a handful of dried root per liter of boiling water. Baby up to three cups a day.


Not many know the soothing powers of this aromatic herb, widely used in gastronomy to give aroma and flavor to various dishes. Also it has digestive properties, so that a tea of basil is good for after eating, especially when the lunch or the dinner have been abundant. It relaxes the nervous system and helps us to rest better. It is ideal to relieve what is popularly known as "nerves of the stomach".
Basswood or Linden
It is par excellence the recommended herb for people who have anxiety, nerves, or stress. A tea Linden or lime tree (made with flowers), is excellent to help us sleep well, for more comfort or to avoid insomnia. If you hate the taste much, you can prepare a tea with a spoonful of dry lime and another of one of these three herbs: Chamomile, Valerian, or lemon verbena.


It has many properties, but without a doubt stands out the ability to improve and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It acts as a regulator of blood pressure (anti-hypertensive) and improves the circulation of the blood, because it allows the heart to pump harder. It has sedative effects on the sympathetic nervous system and is administered in patients with mild cases of nerves or anxiety. You can consume the tincture of Hawthorn and diluted juice, water or infusions.

9 herbs to calm the nerves and anxiety Combat stress Relax each night Relieve stomach spasms

Lemon balm:

Also called Melissa, is a very rich in pollen plant (that attracts bees, and thence derives its name, since Melisa means bee in Greek). It is a great relaxing that is used in cases of stress, anxiety or insomnia. At the same time, it has antispasmodic effects, so its consumption is recommended to those people who do a lot of sport or physical effort. As if outside, lemon balm is also used to relieve stomach spasms.
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