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7 tips for improving our digestion when we suffer stress

If your life is marked by a stress which, at the moment, it is impossible to manage, you may have noticed that your digestion have worsened. They are more heavy, painful, or maybe that your metabolism has changed and that you are starting to gain weight, or even to lose it.
What can we do? Stress alters many of our basic functions and the impact of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline also tend to cause problems to our digestion. Do you think if today we learn a series of guidelines to improve them? Take note, by using these simple strategies, you will feel better, but always remember that it is essential to adequately cope with these stressful situations.

1-Improve your digestion when you suffer from stress:

7 tips for improving our digestion when we suffer stress fatty or heavy foods Eating slowly Weight loss tips Drinking water

1. Eat less, more times a day:

Let's start by limiting the amounts that we put on our plates. In this way, we force us to slowly Chew and salivate, two processes essential for food is better digested. If smaller amounts of food we bring to our stomach, we summed optimally nutrients.
At the same time, will compensate these small amounts by setting 6 times a day to eat: breakfast, small snack, the midday meal, a snack, dinner and drinks before going to bed. Keep in mind, moreover, that it is important that you not ignore you any food, especially your breakfast or your dinner.

2. Not to the fatty foods or heavy:

Discard any food rich in fats, sugars or refined flour. The evil we process, us inflamed and cause very heavy digestions. On the other hand, we are going to replace with appropriate anti-stress foods. Would you like some simple examples? Here is the diet of one typical day:
Breakfast: Melon with PEAR juice. An omelette with spinach.
Snack: A Green Apple and 2 nuts.
Lunch: Two fresh tomatoes with garlic and olive oil. A cup of brown rice with 3 carrots baked with cinnamon. Infusion of dandelion.
Snack: Fresh papaya juice and a small toast of barley with honey.
Dinner: Salmon baked sautéed with lemon and a pumpkin soup.
Snack before bedtime: milk of almonds with cinnamon.
Surely you've heard the saying "an Apple a day keeps doctor away" and this is true with the Green Apple. Discover why in the next article

3. Drink more fluids:

Ideal if, from now on, you put in your bag a bottle of water whenever you leave home. Drink about 8 glasses of water a day will help to combat water retention, to treat constipation and improve your digestion. If it costs you a little drink these two liters of water a day, add a little lemon juice.

7 tips for improving our digestion when we suffer stress fatty or heavy foods Eating slowly Weight loss tips Drinking water

4. Finish your meal with a digestive infusion

Infusion of Chamomile: Chamomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, perfect to relieve stomach pain and improving our digestion.
Infusion of dandelion: is one of the best infusions to help us make the digestion after lunch, for example. If you add a bit of honey, discover as well that you feel every day and how you will be helping.
Infusion of mint and anise: delicious and relaxing! Prevents the gases, desinflama, helps digestion and absorption of nutrients, and also very pleasant on the palate. If you wish, you can combine these three teas throughout the week, you'll see how they are essential part of your diet to improve your digestion.

5. If the whole grain to improve your digestions:

The whole grain bread or whole grain cereals are best for our digestive system. They are perfect and rich in vitamins and minerals to supplement our diet in these times in which we are suffering from stress. Do you know what are the best that you can take? Rye bread or buckwheat. They are delicious!

6. Eat with calm, relaxed:

Sure that there will be happened to you at any time: you get home and have little time to eat, prepare anything and eat it very fast. Then, you return at night with hungry, anxious, so you prepare a pizza or any other precooked dish that you quench quickly.
It is an error. This favors the digestion, you inflamed and causes other health problems, so it is best to avoid it. You have to find time to devote to eat with calm and relaxed. It is vital that you do it without haste and you chew slowly, encouraging salivation. It is a time for you and for your health that you should enjoy.

7 tips for improving our digestion when we suffer stress fatty or heavy foods Eating slowly Weight loss tips Drinking water

7. Turns off the television, and speaks with yours:

Sets with your family, or even your co-workers, a moment of calm and relaxation where you can eat and enjoy. Believe it or not, it can be a very cathartic moment to talk and release stress. Talk about what you did during the day in a relaxed way, relax, smile, conveys positive things... You try to enjoy instant and the cuisine, unhurried.
We know that it is not always easy and that most of the time our obligations advertise our schedules, it is essential to take care not only your food, but also of the moments in which you feed. Those who build your quality of life. Important also that you steps properly your sources of stress and establish priorities. Your health and your well-being will always be the most important thing.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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