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6 ways to burn 600 calories per day

The majority of people want to lose weight and they know that to achieve this must have much discipline and commitment, especially when feeding and exercise it is. There are several ways to lose weight every day, and does not lack endure hunger or undergo a strict regime that can bring about serious consequences to the health.
The key is to be clear that we must reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity, in such a way that we are able to burn 600 calories a day.

6 ways to burn 600 calories per day  lose weight aerobic exercises Jogging cycling

1-Why should burn 600 calories a day?

Burn 600 calories a day is a goal that we can easily meet and why we have to make minimal efforts by spending a little time a day. There are different ways to burn 600 calories a day, even while we carry out activities of daily living in our home or our work.
To burn off 600 calories a day we can perform different exercises and take into account some recommendations that will help us to achieve the goal to increase the caloric intake of our body. If we can eliminate 3,500 calories per week, in total we will be losing one pound of weight without having to subject ourselves to something more strict. Obviously, in order to achieve the goal, we must lead a healthier lifestyle and to the extent possible complement the burning of calories through the exercises.

6 ways to burn 600 calories per day  lose weight aerobic exercises Jogging cycling

2-How can we burn 600 calories a day?

As we already mentioned, burn 600 calories is not a difficult task and we can achieve it through everyday activities, simple routines of exercises and even with activities that can be pleasurable.
Steps to burn 600 calories every day:
Step 1: To begin we must keep in mind that foot we burn more calories than sitting. For this reason, if we are going to do simple activities such as talking on the phone, let us do it on foot. When you fold the clothes, also on foot. Although this may seem insignificant activities, what is certain is that they are contributing to the burning of calories.
Step 2: obviously if you want to burn calories, should have a daily exercise routine to help us burn a significant amount of calories a day. But to enhance outcomes and achieve the objective, we must increase the intensity of the exercise and as far as possible the time. For example: If we walk 30 minutes every day, we can make that same time but running. We'll be burning 200 instead of burning 100 calories. We can also vary the exercises, combining aerobics with strength exercises.
Step 3: through our daily activities can exercise and burn calories without having to submit for a long time to do an activity in particular. For example: instead of using the elevator, try going up and down stairs all day. We can also use the time while we brush our teeth to do squats. Another way is to exercise while watching a tv program.
Step 4: in addition to doing aerobic exercises, we can begin to include in the routine exercises with weights, which are much more demanding. Include these exercises will help us to tonify and step we will be burning more calories.
Step 5: finally, we are able to practice some sport to achieve our goal of 600 calories per day. For example you can play tennis, football, swimming or the one you like more.

6 ways to burn 600 calories per day  lose weight aerobic exercises Jogging cycling

3-Traditional exercises to burn fat:

The exercises are the best way to burn 600 or more calories per day. There is no need to go to the gym to achieve the goal, with simple exercises at home we can achieve burn that amount of calories for in a matter of weeks notice a difference in our weight.
Jogging on a treadmill for an hour will make you to burn up to 675 calories.
Run on a treadmill for an hour will make you to burn up to 986 calories.
Jumping rope for an hour will make you to burn up to 730 calories.
Do 20 minutes of sit-ups will make you burn up to 200 calories.
Walk for one hour can make you lose up to 200 calories.
Perform 30 minutes of cycling a day will help you to burn more than 200 calories.


In addition to take into account recommendations to burn 600 calories a day, also it is important to take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and water. Possible calorie consumption, should be reduced to the maximum because the diets most outgrow the amount of calories recommended per person.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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