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10 simple ways to burn fat in your day to day

Burn fat… impossible task? At all. We know that each person has a type of metabolism, with the US which is more or less easy to lose weight. But if our body got used to these simple habits, you'll see how little by little, as you're getting. Be daring!

10 simple ways to burn fat in your day to day cayenne pepper, lemon and green tea breakfast calories

1-Start the day with an infusion of cayenne pepper, lemon and green tea:

This simple remedy is more than ideal to speed up your metabolism. You have already talked about its properties on another occasion in our space, hence you should cheer to put it into practice. His secret? Very simple. The infusion of green tea, pepper Cayenne and lemon increases our body temperature, speeding metabolism, forcing our body to burn fat, we get a clear sense of satiety, and almost without realizing it, we will burn calories. Referred to as thermogenic effect.
Remember that it is more beneficial to drink this infusion in cold form, already with this kind of temperatures force our body to make more energy expenditure. Remember, just one sachet of green tea, a very small remotely of cayenne pepper and all in a glass of water boiling. Allows you to make the decoction and then adding a bit of lemon juice. Lets be in your fridge 10 minutes before you drink it, it is better to take it cool.

2-never pass your breakfast:

Essential. Our breakfast is the key part of the day. It understand it you will put an example. There are people who weight loss prefer not to dine and not breakfast. That means that only make a great meal throughout the day, or passed the time biting hours. No breakfast may make our metabolism slow. We do not give you work, there is no energy to burn, whereupon we store fat.
It is a mistake. Good breakfast, balanced and balanced breakfast. A natural juice, oatmeal, coffee if you want, and very indicated eggs, we provide lean protein and we assuage. If we had breakfast we get more energy, wasting headaches and we put our metabolism to work. Do not forget this!

3-The benefits of vitamin D:

Various studies, such as the appeared in the British Journal of nutrition, tell us that many women with problems to burn fat and lose weight to improve their situation when they increase their doses of vitamin D. know that vitamin D tuna in oil is found in salmon, yogurt, cereals,... also sell vitamins that can help us.

4-The rule of 20-20:

Rule 20-20 is a kind of very sold password for those looking to burn fat daily. It is something simple that requires at the same time, that Yes, something of willpower. When we woke up it would be told to 20 abdominal. Throughout the day is suitable also to run or walk 20 minutes, and how not, to climb 20 steps. We put it into practice?

10 simple ways to burn fat in your day to day cayenne pepper, lemon and green tea breakfast calories

5-Drink 2 liters of water:

It is always, the most famous, the most simple advice and that we do not always comply. Do you usually drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day? If you is difficult to remember add a little lemon juice. It's more enjoyable!

6-More fiber, please:

Fiber is ideal for burning fat, regulate our body and care for our digestions, avoiding as you know the classic constipation. Ideal to begin the day with a bowl of oats. Dinners with broccoli, asparagus or cauliflowers are great. The bread you eat to have best of whole grains, if you have not tested the rye, do it and you'll see the benefits that brings you.

7-A green apple a day:

Another such classic as a cash tip. You can take it in your bag for those mornings that suddenly assaults you hunger. Remember to wash them well and consume them with skin, that is home to many of its benefits to help us lose weight. Healthy, tasty and medicinal. An Apple a day and take care.

8-Escape your daily routine:

"Escape from your daily routine". Sounds like a sentence of self, we know, but after these words contain basically a change of mentality by which, go burning fat. How? Easy: choose stairs before that elevator, takes the long way to go back home, don't get as many hours on the sofa, best salt to go with your friends before that to sit in a coffee shop… simple things that make a lot for you.

9-Take care of your sleep hygiene:

When we talk about Sleep hygiene we refer to the need to rest properly. Maybe you surprised, but properly sleep helps burn fat. The secret is that our body cleanses toxins when we are deeply asleep, eliminating all that which we do not need through the lymphatic system and the liver. All this means that we can more easily remove grease. He sleeps between 6 and 8 hours a day. Not go to bed late and always two hours after having eaten.

10 simple ways to burn fat in your day to day cayenne pepper, lemon and green tea breakfast calories

10-Laugh a little more!

We finish this article with a smile and a reality: smile helps us burn fat. Studies tell us that laugh between 15 and 20 minutes a day allows us to burn up to 50 calories. As easy as this.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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