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10 foods that help burn fat

We all know that fat-burning and weight loss is not easy, but is not impossible. Either by desire for a figure more stylized, for wanting to achieve a healthier weight, or for both reasons, weight loss is a task we can accomplish if put you enough effort and commitment.
We must not be fooled by so-called products or "miracle" diets, that promise to make us lose kilos and kilos in a short time.It is true that sometimes these products are a good support as a supplement to the diet, but eat them on their own will not give us result. In addition, some of these products or strict diets have side effects on health, for what are some recommended.
The best way to burn fat and lose weight is to have a well defined healthy diet and exercise regularly. These two factors have more influence on our organism and are the keys to a healthy weight. With them in mind, we want you know food with properties strips, so you consider to include them more frequently in the diet and add your routine to lose weight.

Lose weight 10 foods that help burn fat Green tea Watermelon Oats Soup Fish Apple Grapes Tomato Raw vegetables Egg Proper Diet plan

1-Green tea:

Green tea has become very famous in recent years, as the research has found that its properties help to control weight gain, even if it is a fat-rich diet.
Thus claimed it researchers from Pennsylvania State University, who explained that this tea reduces the ability to absorb fats from foods and increases metabolism, which is key to fat burning.


Watermelon, like melon, is rich in water which supports very good diets to lose weight. This food causes a feeling of fullness, but in addition, antioxidants and nutrients stimulate the burning of fat. Frequent consumption of watermelon can help you to burn fat, especially in the abdominal area.


Apples and pears have a compound called pectin which helps to detoxify the body and avoids the bad cholesterol. These fruits are ideal for losing weight, as they are rich in vitamin C, beta - carotene, dietary fiber, phytosterols, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


The grapes and raisins are a perfect Detox food for people who want to lose weight. Consumption helps to control cholesterol, since they are rich in potassium and vitamin B. A good choice for burning fat with the consumption of grapes is to adopt the diet of the grape.


Tomatoes are one of the vegetables with the least amount of calories as a tomato provides only 33 calories. This food is ideal for losing weight, as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to detoxify the body, activate metabolism and favor the Elimination of fat.

Lose weight 10 foods that help burn fat Green tea Watermelon Oats Soup Fish Apple Grapes Tomato Raw vegetables Egg Proper Diet plan

6-Raw vegetables:

Raw vegetables, especially those of green leaf, bring a good amount of water to the body and are low in calories. They can be consumed in salads, or mix them for a smoothie. Among those recommended are spinach, carrot, tomato, leek, lettuce, celery and Aubergine, among others.


Although the eggs themselves are not a food with properties strips, they are highly recommended for diets for the purpose of losing weight healthily.
Eating 2 eggs a day help lose weight, especially if they are consumed at breakfast. These provide satiety and are also a source of protein and energy, enabling you to cope better with a meal plan for weight loss.


Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods we can consume. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein, so it is a cereal with low glycemic index. It also unsaturated fats and micronutrients of great value that provide energy. It provides a sensation of satiety, improves digestion and helps us to improve our metabolism.


A good vegetable soup can become our best ally for losing weight. Unlike other dishes, vegetable soup has a low level of caloric intake, satisfies the appetite and allows us to leverage all the benefits of the vegetables in a way more delicious. You can vary your soups between vegetables, chicken, oats or rice.

Lose weight 10 foods that help burn fat Green tea Watermelon Oats Soup Fish Apple Grapes Tomato Raw vegetables Egg Proper Diet plan


Fish is one of the best sources of protein that exists and contains healthy fats. The majority of fish are lean and are a significant source of Omega 3. Among the recommended fish we can find flounder, hake, fresh cod, squid, Pollock and herring.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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